Divine Feminine Women's Circle

A monthly women's circle led by
Janet Raftis, Master Energy Healer and Divine Feminine Channel

Many hands together: group of people joining hands

Women have been circling up for as long as there have been women… It is a custom and a rite that women have consecrated and handed down through the ages.

In Circle, women have healed, shared, baked, laughed, sewed, communed with Spirit, and loved one another deeply and profoundly.

The Circle creates a life force energy that allows women to connect heart-to-heart and soul-to-soul, to be met, seen and heard for the powerful and sacred beings that they are.

Reconnecting to the power of Circle and allowing for the Divine Feminine to be activated within us allows us to remember that women have always been holy; women have always been sacred.

The Divine Feminine Women’s Circle is a sacred container for us to explore that which is holy within us, and for us to remember and reclaim the truth of who we are.

Circles are held monthly at The Center for Love & Light in Atlanta, GA.

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Event Schedule

Celebrating the Day of the Goddess with Freyja

Divine Feminine Women's Circle

Way back when, Fridays were the days that were set aside to honor the goddess. On this sacred day, there would be feasts, celebration and connection to honor the great mother. During that time, Fridays that fell on the 13th of the month were perceived as being especially sacred as 13 is the number of the goddess.

It is still a sacred number for women today and it signifies blood, fertility and lunar potency. It is roughly the amount of lunar cycles - and menstrual cycles - over the course of a year. Traditions around the world from China to Mexico have held this number as sacred with regards to the Great Goddess.

Even the name for Friday itself is taken from the goddess. In English and other Germanic languages, its basis comes from the goddess Freyja and in the romance languages, the root of the day comes from the goddess Venus. And both Venus and Freyja are goddesses that align with sensuality, passion, and sexuality.

So it's no wonder the patriarchy turned both into negatives. Friday was supposedly the day Adam was banished from Eden (separated from his feminine aspect perhaps?), the day that Jesus was crucified, the day of public hangings (there even used to be 13 steps on the gallows and 13 knots in the noose). Thirteen is also the number of the Death card in the tarot (though we also know that with death, we have rebirth, which squarely lands in the domain of women once again.

One of my favorite ways to reclaim Friday the 13th is to celebrate it, to come together in sacred circle with my fellow women and celebrate the beauty and the power of who we are.

So this upcoming Friday, March 13, I’ll be summoning the ladies to circle up with me and Freyja and to explore the truly feminine aspects of the divine, such as the power within our sexuality and how the patriarchal society in which we were raised influenced our perception of it.

We’ll go deep in this one, with the Norse goddess Freyja guiding us.

During our time together, we will:

  • Celebrate the Great Goddess and the goddess within us
  • Explore the energy of Freyja and our sensual sides
  • Create an altar
  • Set intentions for growth and healing
  • Pull cards
  • Share with one another
  • Receive healing and insight through a powerful guided meditation with Freyja
  • Journal

Celebrating the Day of the Goddess with Freyja
Date: Friday, March 13, 2020
Time: 6:30pm - 9:00pm

Register early, circles are limited to 18 participants

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Divine Feminine Women's Circle

I feel more grounded in power and confident in my voice...

"I attended the Divine Feminine Women's Circle because I want to connect with like minded women and surround myself with opportunities that help me deepen my intuition and develop spiritual transformation.

Hearing about the energetic vibrations and feedback from spirit guides, specific to each individual, was amazing! And I loved learning more about different goddesses. Since attending the circle, I feel more grounded in power and confident in my voice. I know how to embody the goddess energy in daily life more than I did before. Thank you!"


Divine Feminine Women's Circle

The Divine Feminine Women's Circle was just what I needed and right when I needed it...

"I love getting together with like-minded women. Janet's energy is lovely, strong, and divine. The group meditation was deep and transformative. The day after the circle, I was lit up like an unexpected Christmas tree! It all connected to my intentions. You ignited those intentions big time! Deep bow."


Meet Janet

Janet Raftis

Janet Raftis is a Master Energy Healer and Divine Feminine Channel

Janet has been playing with energy for her entire life, but she started playing big about 15 years ago.

Through energy healing, Janet began a process of deep and transformational healing that has resulted in a complete turn of circumstances in her life.

Moving through addictions, traversing deep emotional wounds, and assuaging trauma for herself and now thousands of others has led her to a deep understanding of how we are influenced and affected by trauma in the physical world along with an ever expansive understanding of Spirit and our relationship to her.

As a highly sensitive empath and psychic medium, Janet has learned to master energy so that she and those she teaches can feel empowered and graced by their sensitive natures.

She acts as a channel for the Divine Feminine and in addition to her healing and intuitive work, she hosts women’s circles, workshops and retreats around the world.

Janet’s approach to Spirit is deeply reverent while simultaneously being irreverently FUN! Laughter is a deep heart opener that allows us to more fully connect with one another and with goddess as it prepares us and allows us to receive more deeply.

Learn More About Janet 


“Janet’s insight into everything, her connection to Spirit, and her openness have pulled me in since Day One and I am so thankful for her in my life. I have transformed and stepped into my true self with her help and I don’t know that I would’ve been able to do it (and so quickly) without it.”  - Monique

Torrey DeVitto

"I have been doing energy work with Janet for over a year. Working with Janet is like wrapping yourself in a warm blanket of light and calmness. She has such a soothing way of guiding you through whatever you are working on and lending her hand in helping you through your own self discovery. I am so grateful for our connection and all I am learning and all that's awakening in me through our work together. Janet is truly a wonderful person and teacher."  - Torrey DeVitto

Nicole Casazza

"I felt very comforted in the presence of like-minded individuals. I have had a strong draw to Janet since the first time I saw her online and this connection led me to pursue further work with her. There is something very special about her; maybe it’s the empathy, the non-judgment and clear messages. It has given me a lot of hope and I trust her with all my heart.

I have learned that the sensitivities that have plagued me my whole life are indeed gifts and I have developed deep self-compassion as a result. I understand that taking care of myself is not selfish - that it’s a gift to myself and those around me.”  
- Nicole 


"My impressions from the beginning were that I was going to power up or level up. I know that I was going to leave a better person from this experience. Throughout the class I felt so connected and guided to this higher level of understanding. It was wonderful and more than I could have imagined.

Working with Janet was like working with a soul mother or guide. I felt immediately embraced and known when I met her for the first time. She has a great way of guiding her students to find their own truth.

I feel energy more now. I trust myself more. I believe I am walking the path I am meant to be on. I also know that I am going through a very major transformation. It has been a major energetic shift in my field. I have also identified my guides and started understanding what they have meant to me throughout this lifetime.

Thank you! You are an amazing gift to this world.” 
 - Rebecca