​Awakening to Spirit and Your Intuition

An Energy Explorers Retreat

September 19th - 22nd, 2019

Join Janet Raftis for a 4-day journey into the heart of
sacred space, energy, and your intuition.

Are you in the midst of a spiritual shift that has you reeling?

Or maybe you are just struggling to understand what the hell is going on?

Do you wonder how you can more fully access your intuition to create more flow in your life?

Spiritual awakenings can be simultaneously super fun and incredibly challenging. They can show us the power of Spirit and the magic of the Universe, while also leaving us feeling depleted and lonely.

Sometimes they can be so overwhelming that we might actually feel shut down. We may wish to retreat from the energy of other people and situations. We might even begin to feel more anxiety and have trouble sleeping.

But Spirit has so much to share with us... And as soon as she knows she has our ear, she will begin to whisper her knowledge to us.

And when we learn the tools that will properly support us on our journey, when we know how to manage our energy fields and access our intuition, we can actually sit back and enjoy the ride (even when it’s crazy).

During the Awakening to Spirit and Your Intuition Retreat we will focus on deepening your understanding of Spirit, opening your intuition, connecting with your spiritual helpers, and learning how to manage your energy body and field in a way that feels empowering instead of overwhelming.

You will leave with practical tools to help shift your energy as an empath and highly sensitive person so that you can create a fun and expansive Spiritual practice, have a greater understanding of your connection to Spirit and how to communicate with her, and how to empowered with your gifts.

At the Awakening to Spirit and Your Intuition Retreat, you will learn about:

Learn how to use your empathy and gifts to feel empowered in difficult situations
Learn how to use your psychic gifts to help you make great decisions, every time
Learn how to communicate with your spirit team whenever you want
Learn how to interact with the world in a way that is energizing instead of depleting
Discover who is on your spirit team
Connect with a community of like-minded individuals and feel supported and honored in the unfolding of your gifts
And so much more!
EE Retreat Group 1
EE Retreat Card and Crystal
EE Retreat Group 2

What's Included

  • 15 hours of Circle, which includes ceremony, ritual, meditation, learning, and experiential work
  • Activities and exercises to open us up further and which includes time spent in nature, both during the day and in the evening
  • Open discussions on energy, intuition, spirituality and more
  • Use of the Biomat to help you relax and integrate in between sessions
  • Fire pit ceremonies under the night sky (weather permitting)
  • 3 Nights accommodation in a private bedroom with shared bath or loft with private bath
  • All meals and some snacks included - locally sourced organic produce and meat (gluten-free, vegetarian and vegan options available with advanced notice)

What's NOT Included

  • Your travel / airfare to Burnsville, NC
  • Personal, medical, or travel insurance

Awakening to Spirit and Your Intuition

September 19th - 22nd, 2019




Scott Hall

Experience channeling and live music with artist and psychic, Scott Hall!

Scott has been highly creative since childhood when his intuitive gifts showed in his ability to channel music and art. Over time, Spirit began speaking through him, sharing words and love with him that helped him to heal from depression. In addition to being a musician and artist, he is now a channel and a psychic medium. Scott combines his intuitive and creative gifts as well as his sense of humor to help others expand their perspective and create a fulfilling life for themselves.

"It was truly wonderful to get to meet Scott and work with him as well. To watch Janet and Scott work together was like watching the flow of yin and yang. Their teachings worked in tandem, yet they both have something completely different from one another to offer." 
- Torrey 

"Scott's insights about his own growth into his abilities was a nice addition. It was good to hear another perspective. Most impressively, Scott's channeling reinforced all that I knew but, apparently, needed to hear again - a message of self-love first. About being your own flame before you can warm anyone else. Incredibly, after the channeling, the ground started to twinkle - a mirror of the starry sky above. The spiritual entity that Scott channels activated hundreds of lightning bug larvae and it was as if we were walking on stars! So I guess in a nutshell, his contributions were enormous." - Emily

What People Are Saying...



"I really wanted to reconnect my body with my soul. Registering for the retreat without knowing anyone going allowed me to step out of my comfort zone and everyday routine. Initially, I was drawn to the "magical" aspect of the retreat but I left with SO much more.

It felt like a dream! All of the meditations were incredible and every single person there offered such unique energies and gifts to our group that in turn raised all of our vibrations as a whole. Janet and Scott were absolutely wonderful leaders of the group. Everything felt amazingly authentic and the retreat flowed so beautifully.

Janet is a dream come true. She offers so many helpful tools to navigate through life as an empath. She has opened my eyes to a world full of magic, hope, and dreams (and fairies!) that I had begun to think no longer existed. At one point on the retreat, I became very emotional. It was the first time in a very long time that I actually had a moment to listen in on how I talked to myself when I am completely alone, and it surprised me to hear how much I put myself down mentally. Janet took me aside and enveloped me with such love, understanding, and advice and it sincerely meant the world to me.

Since returning home from the retreat, I have noticed the feeling of connectedness to the world around me. The retreat has unquestioningly magnified my desire to plug back into myself each and every day, which in turn allows me to realize when I am in/or out of alignment. I feel awake to all that the universe can offer me and conscious of all the little gifts/synchronicities that I am now attuned with in my day-to-day life.

It was very challenging for me to leave such a warm, loving environment and such a sacred space. But I now have so many new like-minded friends who continue to inspire and connect with me on a daily basis! I would not have changed a single thing except for making the retreat even longer."


"I loved learning how to navigate my energy and how to listen to my body over my head. I also loved connecting with other like-minded people and about the tools and ideas they had. The environment was beautiful and Janet created a very safe space for all of us to share, learn and explore.

The whole experience was delicious! Janet is the real deal. She shares from her wisdom and experience. I felt this allowed me to learn from mine as well. She is caring, loving, adorable and fun!

I loved Scott's contributions. There were times that what he said was just like Janet said, yet in a different way. The channeling was dynamite and out of sight! The message the spiritual entity that Scott channels shared was very powerful.

Since the retreat, I’m listening to my body and protecting my energy from others. That is very important to me right now. I am also leaning more into my intuition to learn from it.

Thank you, thank you, thank you for holding the space for us to learn and grow and for stepping out and sharing your gifts. I look forward to learning more with you! With love and deep gratitude for our friendship!"



"I signed up for the Energy Explorers Retreat because I was ready to learn more about connecting with my own and others' energy. I also wanted to learn more about connecting with my guides.

I immediately feel drawn to every aspect of the retreat - especially the land the retreat was held on! Janet and Scott complement each other so well. The channeling experience was awesome.

I gained so much confidence in my energy work since attending the retreat! Knowing what to look for, not to look too hard. Knowing It can be easy and to just allow energy to flow to me and through me. The experience was amazing!"

Awakening to Spirit and Your Intuition

September 19th - 22nd, 2019


Refund Policy: $200 will be held non-refundable once your registration is received. If you are unable to attend the retreat for any reason, you must contact us no less than two week's before the retreat start date to receive a full refund (minus the $200 non-refundable deposit). 100% of the amount may be refunded if you replace your spot.

Payment Plan: If you elect the 2-pay option, we will invoice you for your second payment. Your second payment will be due by September 1st.

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