Woohoo! You’re on your way to feeling lighter, brighter, and reinvigorated.

I’m so grateful that you’re here and that you’re taking time to tend to and nourish yourself.

And because you deserve it, allow yourself to fully receive this meditation. Carve out 15 minutes for yourself in your favorite seat to be present to the experience. If you’d like, you can light a candle and/or use essential oils or gemstones as meditation allies. 

But the best part of meditation is that you don’t need anything beyond your body and your willingness to sit in quiet presence.

What is a Quantum Creatrix?

As a quantum creatrix, I use my divine feminine energy to play with the Field of Source potential. I understand the fluidity and infinite possibility within the Universe and I interact with it in a loving and creative way that is able to yield transformational healing results for my clients. Together, the Field and I create an optimum space for you to be able to access the healing potential available to you.