Guided Energy Healing Meditation

Are you ready to feel refreshed and revived?

Would you like to release heaviness and stagnancy from your field?

This guided energy healing meditation is like a beautiful and potent shower for your soul!

All you need is to set aside 15 minutes for yourself in a place where you won’t be disturbed. If you can, make a little nest for yourself so that you can drop in and deeply relax. 

This meditation will support you in:

  • Releasing any energies from your field that are weighing you down 
  • Cleansing energies that you may have picked up from other people, places and situations
  • Clearing old stagnant energies stuck in your chakras, the energetic centers that correspond to your life and soul experiences in the physical, energetic and emotional realms
  • Releasing old beliefs and patterns that no longer serve you
  • Opening up your intuitive centers

After the meditation, you will feel lighter and more clear!

This is a balm for the highly sensitive person’s soul that can be done at any time of the day.

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What is a Quantum Creatrix?

As a quantum creatrix, I use my divine feminine energy to play with the Field of Source potential. I understand the fluidity and infinite possibility within the Universe and I interact with it in a loving and creative way that is able to yield transformational healing results for my clients. Together, the Field and I create an optimum space for you to be able to access the healing potential available to you.