“Janet has helped me release past trauma that was still trapped energetically in my system, even after years of yoga, meditation, energy healing, and other methods that I have been proactively pursuing. I have not had the results with many other healers that I have had with her. Her sessions are powerful and priceless.”

Jody Mello

Nourished Self

Energy Healing Sessions

Janet Raftis Healing ServicesJanet uses a combination of Reiki, Pranic Healing and Matrix Energetics as a means of both facilitating your healing journey and connecting you to your higher guidance. During a session with her, you receive an hour of energy healing that helps you to release blocks and patterns that are holding you back from fully expressing who you are. She can help you to cut the energetic cords that bind you to trauma and relationships that cause you to feel fear and which keep you from fully connecting to your soul purpose. Janet receives guidance throughout the session from your spirit team, including your guides, animal totems and angels. This unique messaging provides you with insights into how to shift your thinking and emotional responses so that you may more fully enjoy your relationships with others and find the path that aligns with your higher purpose. Follow-up discussion of the session is included.

Janet’s sessions are good for you if you:

• Want to release past pain and trauma that is causing you to suffer.
• Wish to experience more fulfilling relationships.
• Are at a crossroads in your life.
• Feel anxious or depressed.
• Want to connect to your spirit guides.

In-Person Energy Healing Sessions – $150

Session includes 45-60 minutes of energy healing + reading and discussion of the guidance that comes through, and also includes the use of Young Living essential oils. These sessions take place at Heart Space Atlanta.

Add BioMat Therapy to your session!

The BioMat is a heated pad that is filled with amethyst crystals (deemed nature’s tranquilizer) from top to bottom. The crystals enhance Far Infrared technology that penetrates deep into the body and empowers self-healing. The mat also emits negative ions, which promote health, elevate mood, provide pain relief and more.

The BioMat reduces pain and stress, and promotes comfort and all-around better health by addressing physical and energetic imbalances at the cellular level. It’s FDA approved and health practitioners and hospitals have used this technology for years.

Remote Healing Sessions – $150

During a remote session, we will not need to be on the phone or Skype. The connection is purely energetic and as such, the healing and guidance will flow without obstruction.

Remote sessions include:

• A 50-minute long healing + reading
• A digital recording of the healing and the guidance received
• 25 minute follow-up with additional guidance and insight

Weekly Remote Restorative Healing & Meditation

Join me for a group healing to help wind down from your week and to enter your next refreshed and revived! During this session, we clear and energize your entire energy system and tune into a focus for the week. This area of concentration is given to me by my spirit team the morning of the healing and is for the best and highest good of the group that is coming together to receive it. The intention is to leave you feeling relaxed and clear and to help you grow and expand as well.

I transmit the healing almost every Sunday and send out a recording of it to those who have registered by 8:00pm that evening. You can choose to actively receive the energies by listening to the recording in a relaxed state* or you can choose to passively accept them while you sleep. The recording is yours to keep so you may listen to it as often as you like as a healing meditation.Short, individual messages will be channeled and recorded for those who choose this add-on option and emailed to you either Sunday or Monday each week.

*These recordings carry active transmissions that can be quite powerful. Please do not listen to them while driving or engaging in any strenuous activity. Give yourself the gift of fully receiving them by relaxing and enjoying them.

Intuitive & Spiritual Guidance Sessions – $130

An intuitive reading with Janet can help you to find direction along your path and can provide you with insight into your strengths, gifts and life purpose. In addition, you will receive tools for moving forward from your team that are specific to you and that can help you move through obstacles and blocks. I can also help you determine how relationships are working for you and what you can do to either improve them or move through them.

The intuitive readings may include the use of cards along with channeled messages from angels, guides, spirit animals and deceased loved ones (if they choose to come through).

Activate Your Superpowers! Intuitive Healing & Coaching Program

Through a combination of energy healing, coaching sessions, exercises and meditations we will get curious, explore, release and open you to new possibilities that allow you to tune into your inner wisdom, connect with your guides and access your psychic senses in a way that feels safe and empowering. This program is designed especially for empaths!

Each month you receive:

• 50 minute energy healing and intuitive guidance session
• A 45 minute private coaching & intuitive development call
• Recorded meditations, handouts, and personalized activities
• Email support

Leave the overwhelm and anxiety behind and discover how being an empowered empath allows you to open your intuition in a way that supports your best and highest good.



Breakthrough Starter Package

This four session package offers you the opportunity to dive in and get things rolling, whether it is to heal from a situation or event, become aware of and begin to break through your limiting beliefs and fears, begin or expand your spiritual/intuitive development and more.

The four sessions need to be used within eight weeks in order to maximize results.

The four sessions are offered for $540, a savings of $60.

The sessions can be done in-person or remotely.

“I needed to write a Candida course and hadn’t felt inspired for months. I started to feel restless and concerned about my business so I signed up for Janet’s Sunday Remote Healing session hoping to refresh and shift my energy. It was a powerful session and when I listened to my personal five minute recording Janet told me that she was guided to open my Third Eye more and that I would be more intuitive. The next day I woke up and felt very clear and inspired to write the first course and it flowed with ease. I wrote all day and night and didn’t stop until it was complete. I even created a presentation with no effort, something I always avoided. Janet’s group work is just as effective as her individual. I love you, Janet – thank you!”

Elicia Miller

Candida Expert

Gift Certificates Available

Support your friends and loved ones by sharing with them the gift of healing! Please send mailing instructions with the payment or to me through email and I will get one into the mail for you.

Did You Know?

I am available for ceremonies and group/party readings as well!

Please contact me for details and to see how we could tailor an event specifically for you and your group!

Cancellation Policy

If you are unable to make your appointment and cancel 24 hours in advance, I will either reschedule or refund 100% of the price. For later cancellations, I will reschedule for a $20 fee or refund 50% of the amount. Thank you for your understanding.