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Empath's Guide: 8 Tips to Calm Overwhelm & Anxiety

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I used to be an overwhelmed and anxious empath…

Working with others would leave me feeling run down, depleted and prone to illness.

I had never learned how to effectively manage my physical and energetic bodies. I knew about cutting cords and creating bubbles and grounding, but no matter how diligent I was with those practices, I still felt ungrounded and overwhelmed.

I was exhausted. And I was spinning my wheels financially ~ I just couldn’t seem to get my business off the ground.

Thankfully, I brought a huge curiosity to my condition and I began to actively work with my team and Spirit to find a way to create a thriving healing and intuitive business that allows me to connect even more fully with others while also not losing myself in the process.

Through energy and embodiment work, I discovered ways to continue to open my intuition and access higher levels of consciousness in a way that feels safe, grounded and centered. I can hold more energy and more space, which allows me to reach and help more people.

And now I’m helping others to do the same... 

Relax, Receive & Recharge with my Sunday Evening Group Healing Meditation.

Receive healing anywhere you are are in the world or in my Midtown Atlanta healing space.

Activate your intuition with me through a variety of online and in-person programs and events.

One of my superpowers is helping others to access their superpowers.

We all have the gift of intuition and we can all learn how to utilize it in a way that allows us to feel empowered in our lives…

We can find the answers ourselves ~ they are all within us.

And we all have teams working with us behind the scenes that want so much to help us along our path. Connecting to our Higher Selves, our teams and Spirit is not only possible ~ it is one of our divine rights.

We came here to experience the physical ~ to know ourselves in embodied form.

And one of the beautiful gifts of the physical is learning to access the Divine through it…To experience connection to Spirit through the physical manifestations of Source energy expressing through our bodies.

Connecting to your inner wisdom and to your guides and Spirit will allow you to feel more empowered and confident.

Begin to trust yourself and your decisions in a new way and experience more flow and ease. Life will be easier and way more FUN!

Explore these different ways we can work together, whether you are in Atlanta or anywhere else on the planet!

Insight and healing to clear, restore and energize you

Learn Healing and Intuitive Development in a virtual group setting

Private and Group programs to help you Activate Your Superpowers

What Janet’s clients are saying about their work with her:

This experience has been life-changing…

“When I listened to the recording of my healing, I found that Janet was accurate on every single point and it left me full of things to think about.

I listened to the session several more times and found that the feeling and control of my right-side facial muscles actually started to return! I’m still in a bit of disbelief as I thought I had received permanent nerve damage from the gamma radiation I received back in 2012 which the doctors had said couldn’t be reversed.

This experience has been life-changing and I’m a big fan now.”

Kevin Young, ACC, BS
President and Business Coach, Personal Success Programs

The insights she offers in her recorded messages are literally jaw dropping.

“Janet’s Sunday group healing sessions are a beautiful and easy way to keep myself in good working order – energetically balanced, clear and nourished. The insights she offers in her recorded messages are literally jaw dropping. Janet is one of the most in-tune, on-point and genuinely loving healers I’ve ever met. I’ve been working with her for over a year and she still surprises my on the regular! I’m so thankful for her loving guidance and energetic support.”

Leah Tioxon, Intuitive Energy Healer and Card Reader

Her actions are aligned with her open heart.

Janet is a master and expert, in terms of practice and in terms of teaching and guiding others. As a person, what stands out most is her sweet heart and integrity; by that I mean her actions are aligned with her open heart ~ she is so supportive. She also has mastery in her field. She has a very detailed and extensive knowledge of the intuitive and psychic realms and it is obvious she has studied and experienced extensively and that she has great and accurate facility with her psychic senses and much, much more.

Doug Miller, PhD

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