Igniting the Fires of Sacred Abundance: Creating a Life of Holy Action in 2020
Creating a Life of Holy Action in 2020

Are you ready to create massive shifts in your abundance paradigm?

Do you feel inspired to bring clarity and light to the areas of your life that have been stagnant so that you can invite in more abundance?

How would it feel to release the residual energy of victimhood that is keeping you out of sacred action?

Working with the alchemy of fire along with downloads, transmissions, and activations from the Alchemists (a collective on non-physical beings channeled by Ina) and the Divine Feminine, Ina and Janet are going to lead you through a portal of creation that will allow you to rediscover yourself in a way that will open you to a new paradigm of prosperity and growth.

Janet Lighting Altar Candle
Ina Lukas Sage

The night of the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Cancer we open with a three hour long fire ceremony.

During this sacred ceremony, we will work with the element of fire, with fire goddesses and with the Alchemists to bring light and clarity to areas of your life that are stagnant and that are interfering with your ability to create the sense of prosperity that you so deeply desire.

While we are in Circle, at 8:48pm, Uranus, the innovative and rebellious planet, will go direct in the sign of comforting and grounding Taurus. Uranus isn’t interested in doing things the old way and is ready to help you shake things up in comfort loving Taurus. Uranus hasn’t been in Taurus since post WWII when new systems of social welfare and standards were created. When Uranus goes into Taurus, it goes big!

We are going to capitalize on this seismic energy by going deep within our subconscious to identify, examine, and pull out limiting beliefs that are keeping us stuck in systems that stymie us.

And then we’re going to pull that crusty debris up and out in a massive fire laden full moon release ritual that will leave you and your holy container open to receive powerfully from the 1/11 portal.

Saturday will be a full day of activations, healing, a Sacred Cacao Ceremony, integration and an anchoring in of your holy action steps.

​Not only will you have your energy quantumly and cosmically cleared, with the transmutation of fire energy releasing stagnancy, but you will leave with sacred and grounded action steps to take with you into 2020 and beyond.

This workshop is meant to shake you out and then fill you up! 

And the clearings and activations will support creating abundance in every nook and cranny of your life.

In this intown retreat, you will:

  • You will identify and release limiting beliefs that have kept your abundance codes stagnant
  • ​Remove energetic debris from your field and DNA that have kept you financially small
  • ​Play with the alchemical energy of fire to bring light to you and to transform your experience with abundance
  • Participate in sacred ceremony with a group of powerful lightworkers and two potent and dynamic healers and channels
  • Release residual energies of victimhood
  • Integrate this new paradigm on a quantum level within you
  • Learn tools to support ongoing sacred action throughout 2020 and beyond 

Igniting The Fires Of Sacred Abundance:
Creating A Life Of Holy Action In 2020

Friday, January 10th: 7:00pm - 10:00pm 

Saturday, January 11th: 9:00am - 5:00pm

Location: The Center for Love + Light in Atlanta 

Workshop Registration Fee: $444

Special Rate for individuals registered for Janet and Ina's Into the Heart of the Sacred Valley Retreat: $377 (Learn more here!)

Space is limited, save your spot now!

​Meet Your Hosts

Ina Lukas

Ina Lukas, Intuitive Channel and Shamanic Healer

Ina grew up in rural Wisconsin, but spent every winter living in a tent in the jungle in the Yucatan, which is where she came into her spiritual awakening as a teenager, connecting to the sea, laying under the stars, hiking to her own private Mayan ruin each day. She connected into animal spirits, learned how to communicate with fish and the underwater realm. Her annual pilgrimage to the Yucatan was her church. It was where she connected to the Earth, to Mayan culture, to frequencies, to rhythms, to light, to sound, to other beings in the Universe, but most importantly to her own spirit.

Through her early life experiences visiting Sacred Sites in Central America and Europe, and living an out-of-the-box childhood, Ina connected into the non-physical realm, and planted the seeds for being a planetary activator.

Ina works with people around the world in private one-on-one sessions, and leads workshops and international retreats. She is a gatherer/summoner, helping people activate their intuitive gifts and skills, and access the power of their soul lineage to bring their bigger work into the world.

Ina channels a collective of non-physical teachers and healers called The Alchemists. They have come through Ina at this time to assist us in our process of awakening to our gifts, shifting into a New Earth, and remembering who we truly are.

Together with the Alchemists, Ina has helped people around the world free themselves from weight issues, phobias, anxiety, parenting problems, financial fears, business blocks, health issues, and more.

Ina’s unique approach combines playfulness and levity, with laser-focused intuitive skills, shamanic healing, and interdimensional soul work that allows people who are ready to create a shift in their life have fast, fun, life-changing results.

She lives and plays in her Magic Treehouse in Encinitas, California with her two awesome teen kiddos. And if there was just one thing that truly makes her heart sing, it’s hugging people and holding them in pure unconditional love.

Learn more about Ina here: http://www.inalukas.com

Janet Raftis

Janet Raftis, Master Energy Healer and Divine Feminine Channel

Janet has been playing with energy for her entire life, but she started playing big about 15 years ago.

Through energy healing, Janet began a process of deep and transformational healing that has resulted in a complete turn of circumstances in her life.

Moving through addictions, traversing deep emotional wounds, and assuaging trauma for herself and now thousands of others has led her to a deep understanding of how we are influenced and affected by trauma in the physical world along with an ever expansive understanding of Spirit and our relationship to her.

As a highly sensitive empath and psychic medium, Janet has learned to master energy so that she and those she teaches can feel empowered and graced by their sensitive natures.

She acts as a channel for the Divine Feminine and in addition to her healing and intuitive work, she hosts women’s circles, workshops and retreats around the world.

Janet’s approach to Spirit is deeply reverent while simultaneously being irreverently FUN! Laughter is a deep heart opener that allows us to more fully connect with one another and with goddess as it prepares us and allows us to receive more deeply.

Learn more about Janet here: https://janetraftis.com

What people are saying... 

"In all of my experiences with channelers and mediums as well as my natural gifts I was absolutely blown away by Ina & the Alchemists deep and instantaneous connection to me and what I truly needed and was struggling with. She shot right to the core and gave such loving divine direction. Tears of peace, happiness and freedom poured down my face. I am excitedly awaiting more!!"
- Jen Carter

"Janet is a master and expert, in terms of practice and in terms of teaching and guiding others. As a person, what stands out most is her sweet heart and integrity; by that I mean her actions are aligned with her open heart ~ she is so supportive. She also has mastery in her field. She has a very detailed and extensive knowledge of the intuitive and psychic realms and it is obvious she has studied and experienced extensively and that she has great and accurate facility with her psychic senses and much, much more."
- Doug Miller, PhD

"Over the years, I've had the good fortune to get guidance from various Mediums and Channels, including Abraham and through Esther Hicks, but I've never felt so connected to Source as I do when talking to The Alchemists through Ina."
- Kevin Young

"The workshop was incredible! The energy in the room was wonderful and I felt very comforted in the presence of like-minded individuals.

I have had a strong draw to Janet since the first time I saw her online and this connection led me to pursue further work with her. There is something very special about her; maybe it’s the empathy, the non-judgment and clear messages. It has given me a lot of hope and I trust her with all my heart.

I have learned that the sensitivities that have plagued me my whole life are indeed gifts and I have developed deep self-compassion as a result. I understand that taking care of myself is not selfish - that it’s a gift to myself and those around me.”

- Nicole Casazza

"What I love about Ina and the Alchemists is their ability to get to the heart of the question and hold you there until it shifts. If you want real solutions to the issues you’ve been carrying around for a lifetime, I mean, if you are really ready to shift, this is your opportunity! Other channels give you things to think about and shift on your own… the Alchemists, in their loving and humorous way, clear it up, right then & there. Next thing you know, your life has improved immeasurably!

Asking the Alchemists a question is like getting in the hotseat with Abraham, only deeper, because they get right to the heart of your question and lovingly hold you there until it shifts internally. Life long issues are forever changed in the matter of minutes. Hallelujah!”

- Joanna Withey

“Janet’s insight into everything, her connection to Spirit, and her openness have pulled me in since Day One and I am so thankful for her in my life. I have transformed and stepped into my true self with her help and I don’t know that I would’ve been able to do it (so quickly) without it.”
- Monique

“You get to have one-on-one therapy directly with God! How much is THAT worth??!!
Ina and the Alchemists assist you to truly work through your stuff. You work THROUGH it, and TRANSFORM it. Transform Yourself. Transform your life. My life is totally transforming.

I finally KNOW what it means, to BE IN MY POWER. I didn't understand what that meant. The Alchemists gave me embodying exercises to GET IT. I finally GET, all of that stuff that I've been reading about for years and years. I get it. I AM in my Power. I am NOW in my Power. I am NOW allowing in ALL THAT GOOD that is mine. Ina and the Alchemists finally truly helped me get it.

Run. Sign up with her while she's still available.
- Carolyn Ryden

“Janet is a delight. She isn’t afraid to tell you like it is and she does it with empathy, care and when needed, a little humor to boot. Recently I needed a little extra guidance on a big life transition and I had a few others urging me towards a particular path. My gut knew this path as the right one, but I felt like one extra person needed to help me confirm that direction and she was that person! I look forward to the next time she and I can chat and come together for a session. She gets my highest recommendation.
- Irene Lyon