In addition to a wide variety of therapeutic uses, essential oils are a wonderful way to help with emotional healing. Using them on specific points of your body and within your energy system and field can help you to shift patterns of belief. This is because the vibration of each oil affects the limbic system of the brain differently, activating this emotional center and helping it to heal and balance itself. Many are also very supportive of relaxation and a sense of restfulness, which are key components of emotional healing.

Essential oils can be used in a variety of ways: with a diffuser to have the scent distributed throughout a room in your home, in the auric field itself or at specific points on the body. Many therapeutic and high quality oils, such as those produced by Young Living, can be ingested as well (always read directions).

I have been using oils in my practice for 12 years and they have helped me and my clients to heal on a deeper level. They have also impacted my family in a positive way. We use them for all sorts of things and every day I’m learning even more ways to enjoy their benefits, whether that is through topical application, how to cook with them, relaxation and joy, which ones can be used for household cleaning and more!

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