Personalized Sacred Ceremony, Reading + Healing

Personalized Sacred Ceremony, Reading + Healing

An invitation into a deeper understanding of who you are along with the opportunity to shift beliefs and patterns of being that aren’t serving your greater good.

Are you ready for an immersive and extra potent intuitive healing experience?

One in which you get to more profoundly explore what is going on in your psyche?

And in which you then get to deep dive into the heart of the matter while being held by your healer and the divine feminine?

Your Personalized Sacred Ceremony, Reading + Healing is an invitation into a deeper understanding of who you are along with the opportunity to shift beliefs and patterns of being that aren’t serving your greater good.

During this session, you will have the space to actively work with Spirit to not just set intentions for yourself and the new year, but to also explore and shift the aspects of yourself that might be holding you back from achieving them.

This is a deeply sacred and special experience in which you will be fully seen, held, and supported in love and reverence.

Due to the need for social distancing in order to contain the Coronavirus, I am currently only offering remote sessions.

Torrey DeVitto

"Working with Janet is like wrapping yourself in a warm blanket of light and calmness. She has such a soothing way of guiding you through whatever you are working on. I have felt so much more connected to my spiritual path, so much more grounded and calm."

- Torrey

healing meditation review

"The insights she offers are literally jaw dropping. Janet is one of the most in-tune, on-point and genuinely loving healers I’ve ever met. I’ve been working with her for over a year and she still surprises my on the regular! I’m so thankful for her loving guidance and energetic support.”

- Leah


"Janet’s insight into everything, her connection to Spirit, and her openness have pulled me in and I am so thankful for her in my life.

I have transformed and stepped into my true self with her help and I don’t know that I would’ve been able to do it (so quickly) without it."

- Monique

Personalized Sacred Ceremony, Reading + Healing

After This Session

  • You will feel inspired and aligned with your soul’s higher purpose and vision
  • You will have clarity around how negative beliefs and patterns have manifested themselves in your life. Some of these will resolve immediately, and in other cases, you will gain a clear understanding of steps that you can continue to take to clear them out.
  • You may experience the spontaneous resolution of physical, mental, and emotional pain.
  • You will feel more connected to and supported by Spirit.
  • Your intuition will be stronger.
  • You will gain insight into how to live from inspired action.
  • You will feel ready to take on your goals and dreams for 2020!

Your session will be unique to you, so your results will vary according to what is showing up for you. Spirit, your goddess, your spirit guides and I will all work together to create the shifts that you need for your optimum wellbeing.

Personalized Sacred Ceremony, Reading + Healing

What To Expect

Prior to the session, you will create intentions around what you desire in 2020.

Before we meet, I will:

  • Create a personalized altar to support YOU, your intentions, and your healing.

    I will tune into your energy and create an altar that uniquely supports your vibration, what you need and what you are stretching into. This altar will include gemstones matched to your healing and expansion as well as anything else that I am divinely guided to place on it.

    The altar will also include an offering to the aspect of the divine feminine that is working with you.

  • Connect with the aspect of the divine feminine that is most uniquely suited to support you at this time and I will create a prayer for healing for you with her. Together we will work with her throughout the ceremony and during the healing.

During our time together, I will:

  • Communicate with Spirit through an intuitive reading and card pull that will look at what you can expect in 2020.

    I will use tarot, animal spirits, and an archetype deck to uncover what’s hidden and wants to be revealed. This will tune us into what you can expect moving forward and how to more powerfully create what you desire.

  • Facilitate a guided healing experience to release blocks and expand into intentions.

    This 45-minute channeled healing experience will utilize a blend of healing modalities (Reiki, Pranic Healing and Matrix Energetics) along with my mastery as a guided meditation facilitator to take you on a journey through your inner and outer landscapes. I will channel Source and your Divine Feminine guide to create an optimum healing experience for you.

    The healing will address releasing limiting beliefs and blocks to your growth as well as facilitate expansion. It will include activations to support your intuition and connection to Spirit as well as your personal healing and development.
Personalized Sacred Ceremony, Reading + Healing

Here's How It Works

1. Select your preferred day and time using the scheduler below.

2. You will be prompted to complete your payment during the scheduling process.

3. After you complete your registration, you will receive a confirmation email.

4. You will send your intentions for growth and  healing to me prior to your session (at least 48 hours), allowing me to customize your experience for your unique intentions.

5. We will meet at your scheduled time via Zoom; our session will last approximately 1 hour and 50 minutes.

You will receive a link to the video recording (within 2 business days). 

Book now for just $395!

This makes an incredible gift for someone you love (and also for yourself 😉)!

It’s truly a gift that keeps on giving.

Due to the need for social distancing in order to contain the Coronavirus, I am currently only offering remote sessions.

*If you’d like to purchase for a later date, or if you’d like to purchase a gift certificate, please email

Cancellation Policy: If you are unable to make your appointment and cancel at least 48 hours in advance and do not reschedule, you will receive a 75% refund of the session price. If you cancel later than 48 hours prior to your session and do not reschedule, no refund will be issued.

Meet Janet

Janet Raftis

Janet Raftis is an energy healer, psychic medium, and divine feminine channel who supports empathic and sensitive people in their healing and intuitive development. She helps them to understand energy and how to take care of their body and their auric field in a way that allows them to feel more confident, empowered and aligned. A part of her mission is to help sensitive people become empowered intuitives.

Janet began energy healing 15 years ago as a means of healing her own trauma. She quickly became and Reiki Master and is also a practitioner of Pranic Healing and Matrix Energetics. In addition to her healing practice, she leads healing and intuitive development workshops and retreats around the world.

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