Personalized Sacred Ceremony

Reading + Healing

An invitation into a deeper understanding of who you are, along with the opportunity to shift beliefs and patterns of being that aren’t serving  your greater good.

Personalized Ceremony Altar

Are you ready for an immersive and extra potent intuitive healing experience?

One in which you get to more profoundly explore what is going on in your psyche?

And in which you then get to deep dive into the heart of the matter while being held by your healer and the divine feminine?

Your Personalized Sacred Ceremony, Reading + Healing is an invitation into a deeper understanding of who you are along with the opportunity to shift beliefs and patterns of being that aren’t serving your greater good.

During this session, you will have the space to actively work with Spirit to not just set intentions for yourself and the new year, but to also explore and shift the aspects of yourself that might be holding you back from achieving them.

This is a deeply sacred and special experience in which you will be fully seen, held, and supported in love and reverence.

It led to such a shutdown that by the age of 32, when I found myself pregnant and not drinking and drugging for the first time in years, I was no longer able to manage the acute pain that I was in.

So this highly sensitive empath who hadn’t felt her emotions in years (most of my life really) and who had no idea how to manage my extremely highly attuned intuition or any of the emotions that were arising and: I was a mess. And I don’t say that lightly.

By the time my son was a year old, I was experiencing postpartum depression, I was anxious, fearful, jumpy, unhappy in my marriage, broke, lost and starting to experience some pretty serious physical symptoms.

And that was when Reiki found me and the real healing journey began. It’s also when my spiritual awakening was jump started.

At the time I was living in a small town in Costa Rica and there was actually a lovely healing community there and I dug in.

It was the first time in my life that something felt right.

I finally felt home.

I was finally gaining an understanding of all of the crazy experiences with energy and my intuition that I’d had my whole life but that didn’t understand at all. 

It was the first time those things that contributed to me feeling even more isolated and weird were actually ways to be powerfully of service – both to myself and others.

I separated from my husband and moved back to the States. During this time, I stalled out. Newly separated and back in my old stomping grounds without a spiritual community and working in a bar, I fell back into drinking and stood on the precipice of drugging. I could feel it pulling me back in and then one night, I had a white light moment and the desire to ever drink or use again was lifted from me.

I got sober.

I finally, fully dropped into my body. I continued to explore. After a few more years, I began to offer energy healing and intuitive services to others.

And everything continued to open. I studied more healing modalities, I connected with a broad spectrum of spiritual energies and archetypes. 

I went deeper into my healing. So much more arose including early childhood trauma that had been completely repressed and forgotten. 

I started to find my voice and use it.

I began to understand my power and claim it.

I found value in myself and my services. And for the first time in my life, I earned enough money to not be scraping by.

I also finally found love. Like real love, mutually respectful, vulnerable, open, intimate love.

The divine feminine awakened within me and she continued to show me the magic of Source power through her lens and her archetypes. Working with the goddess has escalated my healing and spiritual growth as she has shown me my worth, my expression, my power and my immense capacity to love.

Everything has changed. Every cell in my body has turned over time and again and created within me an entirely different human who is proud of herself, who shows up for herself and who honors herself.

And somewhere in there, I began sharing all of this with others, mostly women. Activating the divine within others is a spiritual superpower that I have that stems from my ability to facilitate their awakening to the truth of who they are.

I channel healing, transmissions, and messages from Source in service of others who are seekers, healers, and budding warriors like me.

And I am so grateful you are here. I see you and I honor you.

With love,


Formal Bio

Janet Raftis

Janet is a master energy healer, psychic medium, and channel of the Divine Feminine. She supports others in healing from the trauma and challenging events of their past while also opening them up to their connection to Spirit and to the energy of the goddess.

She began her healing journey nearly 20 years ago as a means of healing her own trauma. She has studied many types of energy healing, becoming a Reiki Master in 2003 and later studying Pranic Healing, Matrix Energetics, and more.

She has developed a deeply transformative style of healing that draws on her ability to talk to Spirit and your guides to personalize your healing experience. She sees into the root cause of symptoms, limiting beliefs and patterns in order to support your greatest healing and she is able to guide you deep into the heart of who you are so that your higher self, body and inner child can reveal to you what most needs to be healed.

In addition to a thriving healing practice, she leads healing and activation retreats around the world, Divine Feminine women’s circles, and workshops. Through all of these mediums, she supports you in tuning into Spirit and your inner voice so that you can cultivate a deeper connection to Source energy.

What People Are Saying

“Janet is a delight. She isn’t afraid to tell you like it is and she does it with empathy, care, and when needed, a little humor to boot. She gets my highest recommendation.

Recently I needed a little extra guidance on a big life transition and I had a few others urging me towards a particular path. My gut knew this path as the right one, but I felt like one extra person needed to help me confirm that direction and she was that person!

I look forward to the next time she and I can chat and come together for a session.”

Irene Lyon

Nervous System Specialist and Somatic Neuroplasticity Expert

“The insights she offers are literally jaw dropping.

Janet’s healing sessions are a beautiful and easy way to keep myself in good working order – energetically balanced, clear, and nourished.

Janet is one of the most in-tune, on-point, and genuinely loving healers I’ve ever met. I’ve been working with her for over a year and she still surprises me on the regular!

I’m so thankful for her loving guidance and energetic support.”

Leah Tioxon

Intuitive Energy Healer and Card Reader

“I knew there was something else I was missing in my healing work, and Janet was that missing piece.

Her Healing Session was just as incredible as I had hoped. Before seeing her, my nervous system was out of control. I was stressed beyond belief, and I felt so uncomfortable in my own skin. Janet was able to pinpoint those issues and her energy healing was genuinely more than I could have imagined.

I began seeing results within hours of listening to her reading. Janet is absolutely amazing, the session was miraculous, and I am so excited to see what else we can uncover!”

Gabrielle D'Auria

Healthy Lifestyle Coach



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