Activating & Amplifying the Essence of Pleasure with the Goddess

Pleasure is a birthright.

Long before Pleasure became a naughty word, the goddesses were known to embody it as a spiritual essence. 

You were born into that potential-for-delight-filled body of yours to feel good.

Your goddess-given body is filled with erogenous zones and with the capacity to access sensations that cause your entire being to shake and shudder in delight.

And once upon a time, that capacity was celebrated.

In goddess-centric societies that pre-date the rise of the patriarchy, the feminine deities were known to be pleasure-seeking and pleasure-satisfying feminine archetypes. Throughout the world, they were honored and celebrated for their sensual and sexual natures. Pleasure was indeed a virtue, and it was one that brought you closer to Goddess and that opened you up to the abundance of all that Source can share with you.

Pleasure is not just sexual. It is a state of reverence for all that feels good and enjoyable. It is a claiming that you are worthy of feeling good, that you deserve to be the open and lush expression of womanhood that you are.

Pleasure is inextricably linked to Abundance as well. When we are experiencing a state of Pleasure, we are open, soft and receptive. We are saying, “YES!” to the goddess and the Abundance of the Universe. We are exclaiming, “I enjoy this! I want more of this!” and because we are open, the Universe provides.

Healing the wounds of the patriarchy takes a lot of unraveling and a good bit of remembering. The goddesses in this healing journey were all goddesses who emanated the energy of Pleasure, and within you, there is a remembrance of this way of life just waiting to awaken and amplify.

And no matter how much or how little Pleasure you experience in your own life, there is always more to be felt, enjoyed, honored.

The deep healing experience contains:

  • A guided healing meditation with Venus to set your intentions for this healing journey
  • Three powerful healing activations with Inanna, Hedone and Hathor that will support you in experiencing more Pleasure, joy and abundance
  • A ritual that connects you more deeply with the goddess archetype that embodies Pleasure
  • Information on crystals and anointing oils that support the activation of Pleasure
  • A loving invocation to open your heart to the goddess
  • An Amplify Your Pleasure Card Spread to receive guidance from the goddess and your higher self to support you on this journey


This E-book will guide you through:

  • Detailed descriptions & how to use the audio healing meditations
  • Ritual and ceremony practices
  • How to use crystals and anointing oil
  • Journaling prompts
  • A powerful invocation
  • And more!


Venus was the Roman goddess of love, Pleasure, beauty, desire, sex, fertility, prosperity and victory and ruling planet of the sign of Taurus. But although the Romans claimed her as “Venus,” she has a history that reaches back much further.

It is believed that Venus’ roots can be traced back to Inanna, who was later known as Ishtar, Astarte and eventually Aphrodite as well in Greece.


The granddaughter of Aphrodite, Hedone is the daughter born of the union of Eros, the personification of love, and Psyche, the personification of the soul.

Her name, from which we get the word “hedonism,” is the Greek word for “Pleasure,” Which was an important aspect of ancient Greek philosophy.

Known as Voluptus in the Roman pantheon, Hedone is a goddess of Pleasure, enjoyment and delight, and she was closely associated with sensual Pleasure.


Inanna, Queen of the Heavens, was a wildly popular Sumerian goddess (also known as Ishtar and Astarte) who embodied both earthly and divine Pleasure. In fact, she was also known as “Queen of the Vulva” in that one of her epithets was Nin-e-galla, which translates as “Queen of the Palace” but quite literally means “Queen of the Temple of the Vulva.”


“Mistress of the Red Robe,” “Lady of the Vulva,” and “Womb of Horus” are a few of the epithets by which Hathor was known.

Hathor, as the Egyptian goddess of Birth and Death, ruled the body and all of the Pleasures that it was meant to feel: touch, sound, love, song, dance, taste, smell…She was a goddess of love, of sexuality and the feminine temple arts.


Activating a greater experience of Pleasure in your life is a gift to yourself first and foremost. But it is also a gift to your family, your community, and even the planet. So much of the strife and challenges that are rampant in our society today are caused by unhealed trauma wounds and the subsequent repression of emotions that lead us to be shut down, angry, and cut off from others.

Opening to Pleasure opens you to the nectar of life. It sends loving and abundant vibrations out into the world. And each time you say “Yes!” to something that feels good, not only do you receive more of it, but you also give others the permission to do so as well.

These healings can be returned to time and again. Reach for them when you feel tired, dry, constricted, or even just when you want to amplify the amount of juiciness in your life. They work on the multidimensional level and every time you listen, you will receive them differently.