Janet Raftis

Past Life Regression

Take a journey into a mythical garden and deep into the womb of a magical tree to explore the infinite and immortal nature of your soul with the Hesperides, the Keepers of the Garden of Immortality and the Goddesses of the Evening.

While with them, they will take you back to whatever lifetime is most affecting an issue that you are experiencing in this one. 

Once you step into this lifetime, you will have the opportunity to:

  • Experience your soul in another form
  • Identify kindred spirits or soul mates who you know in this lifetime (if present)
  • Explore a life review to learn what the primary lesson from that life was
  • Learn how that lifetime is connected to this one
  • Be shown how to move forward and resolve it 



This past life regression supports you in understanding and healing issues in this lifetime that have an origin in another. Oftentimes, a past life regression can offer a complete spontaneous healing and other times it facilitates the unfolding of healing over time.

Potential benefits of the past life regression:

•  It supports you in understanding relationship dynamics with your soul family over lifetimes and how you can improve relationships in this one
•  Release of emotional and mental symptoms
•  Deeply relaxes you and takes you into a healing state that allows your nervous system to calm
•  Receive information about the formerly “inexplicable”
•  Supports you in reminding you of your power, worth, joy
•  Release limiting thoughts and behaviors
•  Amplifies your awareness of your immortality
•  Is an opportunity for spiritual growth

Who were the Hesperides?

These three Greek goddesses were the children of Mother Night and so were known as the Daughters of the Evening. They were charged with watching over magical things and so when Mother Earth gifted Hera at her wedding with a garden that held within it the tree of the golden apples of immortality, she put the three sisters in charge of it. 

They lived in this garden of paradise, this garden that was believed to be Hera’s regenerative womb, where they watched over these magical apples along with a three-headed serpent (or dragon) named Ladon. The apples are a symbol of eternal life growing in the Garden of Immortality.

In their triple form, these goddesses were known as Hespere, the evening one; Aegle, the luminous one; and Erytheia, the crimson one – and they are the keepers of the mysteries of death and immortality. They enticed others to join in sacred rites through the sweet lilting sounds of their voices.

The golden apples preserve our knowledge of cyclical renewal. In our unconscious, the golden apples represent the essence of our past lives, our previous incarnations and the collective essence of the eternal part of our humanity.

The Hesperides teach us that we are immortal and that we have an infinite past and future.


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Package includes:

❧ Past Life Regression with the Hesperides guided audio



“Working with Janet is like wrapping yourself in a warm blanket of light and calmness. She has such a soothing way of guiding you through whatever you are working on and lending her hand in helping you through your own self-discovery. I am so grateful for our connection and all I am learning and all that’s awakening in me through our work together. Janet is truly a wonderful person and teacher!”

Torrey DeVitto
Actress and Activist