Activating & Amplifying the Essence of Visibility with the Goddess

You are a precious incarnation of the goddess herself, with magical gifts that the world is awaiting.

There is so much within you that is desirous of making its way into the world.

But to be seen in your light, in your gifts, living the life of the healer, medicine woman, witch, priestess or shaman that you are may activate old wounds.

Through both your soul and ancestral lineages, the witch wound may be strong. The Witch Hunts of Early Modern Europe and Colonial America were the culmination of many centuries of the general degradation and vilification of women and their role as healer, midwife, and medicine woman.

Embedded within your Akasha and within your cellular and genetic memory, you may be very afraid, even panicked, by the thought of being visible in the world. You may even believe that being visible could equate to pain or death.

But we are in a re-membrance and within this awakening awareness are also the gifts of those lifetimes and ancestors passed down to you. These superpowers are being summoned to come online now. 

You may have felt the pulsing within you, the nudging, the push towards something more meaningful…

In order to bring your magic into the world, it is necessary to be seen. It is necessary to heal these wounds that keep you hidden and quiet with your passion.

With all the changes we are experiencing right now, you are needed. Your magic is needed. 

Your time to shine is now.

If you’ve been feeling this nudge to bring your gifts into the world yet feel resistance around sharing them and stepping into the light to be seen with them, Activating and Amplifying Visibiilty with the Goddesses will support you to become the bolder and brighter version of yourself.

On this healing journey, you will work with the goddesses Theia, Sekhmet, Ameraterasu and the Shekinah to clear away limiting beliefs and shadow that hold you back from boldly shining your light in the world. 


  •   A guided healing meditation with the Titan Goddess of all that Glimmers, Theia, to set your intentions for this healing journey
  •   Three powerful healing activations with Sekhmet, Ameraterasu and the Shekinah that will support you in embodying a more visible presence in the world so that you may share your gifts with confidence
  •   A ritual that connects you more deeply with the goddess archetype that embodies the power of Visibility
  •   Information on crystals and anointing oils that support the activation of Visibility
  •   A loving invocation to open your heart to the goddess
  •   An Amplify Your Visibility Card Spread to receive guidance from the goddess and your higher self to support you on this journey


This E-book will guide you through:

  • Detailed descriptions & how to use the audio healing meditations
  • Ritual and ceremony practices
  • How to use crystals and anointing oil
  • Journaling prompts
  • A powerful invocation
  • And more!


Before the Olympians were the Titans.

Theia, the goddess of light and all that glimmers, was one of the 12. She was the daughter of Uranus and Gaia and the wife of Hyperion, the God of Light. 

Originally her name was known to mean “divine” or “goddess” and she was also known as Euryphaessa, which means “wide shining.” 

Theia endowed metals with their radiant and shiny sheen and the Greeks believed that she emitted beams of light from her eyes into theirs, endowing them with the ability to see.

As a goddess of sight, she also had prophetic abilities.

In this meditation with Theia, you will connect into her radiant nature in a way that will allow you to shine ever more brightly.


Sekhmet is an Egyptian sun god, daughter of Ra, who has the head of a lion and the body of a woman. 

As a warrior goddess, she was a powerful guardian and the protector of the pharaoh and she was called in during times of war. She was considered a goddess of divine retribution.

She teaches us that your righteous anger is sacred and that it is an aspect of your power. When we repress our anger, we diminish our truth and we lose our authentic voice. Powerlessness leads to energetic lethargy and a “dullness” of vital energy.

Sekhmet’s healing activates your foundation, power and voice to support you in whatever visibility means for you.


Amaterasu Omi Kami is the Shinto Sun Goddess of Japan. “Amaterasu” is thought to derive from the verb amateru, which means “to illuminate/shine in the sky” combined with the honorific “su.”

Together with her siblings, the moon deity, Tsukuyomi and the storm god, Susanoo, they make up the trinity of the “Three Precious Children,” the three most important offspring of the creator god Izanagi.

Amaterasu reminds you of the innate beauty of who you are, of the shine that is within you that illuminates the world around you.

In this healing activation, you work with confidence in how you appear in the world. This session is solar plexus heavy, but you will also tap into the heart chakra and the vulnerability that is necessary to show yourself fully.


Shekinah represents the immanence of the divine feminine and her name means “the dwelling place of the divine within.” It is this presence of the light within – when allowed to have free reign within you – that allows for the power of your presence in the world.

The Shekinah is the image of the feminine face of god as it was conceived in the Kabbalistic Jewish traditions.

The Shekinah is a light that inhabits every bit of you, all the way down to your DNA and beyond. She informs and reminds you that you are this light. The light of the divine IS you.

In this healing, the light within you is activated through the Shekinah and you will tap into courage, vulnerability and your power to show up in ways that are important to you.


The Witch Wound has long held women (and men) back from shining their glorious lights out into the world. It holds the modern witches, healers, priestesses and shamans in a state of contraction, hiding from fear of being found out and harmed.

But this is the lifetime to break those wounds, to heal those fears and to allow yourself to be shining and seen so that you can share your gifts in the world with all those who desire to find you. You must be seen to be found.