Energy Explorer Retreats:
Activate Your Intuition and the Power of Your Energy Field

Access and align with energy and your intuition in order to live a life that is more dynamic and full of ease.

Join Janet Raftis for a four-day journey into the heart of
sacred space, energy, and your intuition.

Fire Creek Mountain, North Carolina

Being sensitive can be hard…But it doesn’t have to be.

Everything is energy and the energy that is us and that surrounds us has a profound impact on how we experience our lives.

We have the power to shift the energy within us and around us to allow us to live with more flow and alignment.

We can become empowered with our empathy, create sacred space, clear and transmute that which doesn’t serve us, connect with Spirit…

All so that we can experience the world in a way that feels more at ease.

Working with our energy fields and the energy of our spaces opens the doorways to understanding our intuition in a more profound way as well.

Our psychic senses are the means through which we are able to understand and interact with the field of energy that connects all life. We all have them and we can all learn to work with them.

Through the creation of sacred space, meditation, intention setting, conscious dialoguing and experiential learning, we will explore energy in a myriad of forms. We will use the energy of Fire Creek Mountain itself to help us to access, magnify and expand on our experience of energy while simultaneously opening the doorways to understanding our intuition in a more profound way.

I have felt so much more connected to my spiritual path since returning...
so much more grounded and calm.

"I have been doing energy work with Janet for a little over a year and have just been waiting for the timing to work out for me to join one of her retreats. As soon as I saw this one and realized the dates would work, I jumped in without a second thought!

I had the best, most incredible, relaxing, calming time. I left feeling so much more connected and deeply rooted within myself. I left feeling physically and metaphorically lighter. And most importantly I left feeling filled with so much love and joy.

Working with Janet is like wrapping yourself in a warm blanket of light and calmness. She has such a soothing way of guiding you through whatever you are working on and lending her hand in helping you through your own self discovery.

I have felt so much more connected to my spiritual path since much more grounded and calm."

- Torrey

Your inner guidance system is within you and
is waiting for you to tune into it.

And as you do so, you will be able to
live life in the flow, trusting it as it unfolds.

Choose from two retreats designed to help you feel more closely connected to your intuition, Spirit, and the essence of life itself!

Advanced Energy Exploration

July 12th - 15th, 2018

During the Deepening Energy Exploration retreat we will focus on deepening your intuitive connection with a focus on the natural world. We will work with creating sacred space and using tools and rituals to create a more profound connection with Spirit.

You will leave with practical tools to create a fun and expansive Spiritual practice, a greater understanding of the natural world and how to interact and communicate with it, and how to connect with other realms.

At the Advanced Energy Exploration Retreat, you will learn about:

How to communicate with animal spirits
Nature Guides: what and who they are and how to work with them
Connecting with other realms
Understanding the cosmos from a metaphysical perspective
Creating and working with tools
Rituals with the natural world

Introduction to Energy Exploration

October 25th - 28th, 2018

During the Introduction to Energy Exploration retreat we will focus on understanding energy, opening and deepening your intuition, and connecting with Spirit and your guides.

You will leave with a clear idea of how to use your intuition to live a more aligned life and how to work more closely with your Higher Self and Spirit to create the life you truly desire.

At the Introduction to Energy Exploration Retreat, you will:

Learn how to use your empathy and gifts to feel empowered in difficult situations
Learn how to use your psychic gifts to help you make great decisions, every time
Learn how to communicate with your spirit team whenever you want
Learn how to interact with the world in a way that is energizing instead of depleting
Discover who is on your spirit team
Connect with a community of like-minded individuals and feel supported and honored in the unfolding of your gifts
Scott Hall

Bonus: Experience channeling and live music with artist and psychic, Scott Hall, at both retreats!

"It was truly wonderful to get to meet Scott and work with him as well. To watch Janet and Scott work together was like watching the flow of yin and yang. Their teachings worked in tandem, yet they both have something completely different from one another to offer." - Torrey 

"Scott's insights about his own growth into his abilities was a nice addition. It was good to hear another perspective. Most impressively, Scott's channeling reinforced all that I knew but, apparently, needed to hear again - a message of self-love first. About being your own flame before you can warm anyone else. Incredibly, after the channeling, the ground started to twinkle - a mirror of the starry sky above. The spiritual entity that Scott channels activated hundreds of lightning bug larvae and it was as if we were walking on stars! So I guess in a nutshell, his contributions were enormous." - Emily

The Location

Fire Creek

Fire Creek Mountain is a private mountainside that extends out over 58 acres in Burnsville, North Carolina, just 35 miles from Asheville. 

The land is sacred, nourishing, and loving, and it allows for a sense of deep connection to the divine.

There is a main house and two cabins that overlook a pond and a pasture and energetic portals abound along the property, providing personal activation points for anyone desiring this experience.

Gathering rooms with fireplaces and porches provide space to come together to learn, connect and play in a loving and welcoming space.

A preserved barn provides space for live music by a fire pit where we can set intentions and release that which no longer serves us. There are also hiking trails available to those who wish to explore more on their own.

What's Included

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    15 hours of Circle, which includes ceremony, ritual, meditation, learning, and experiential work
  • check
    Activities and exercises to open us up further and which includes time spent in nature, both during the day and in the evening
  • check
    Open discussions on energy, intuition, spirituality and more
  • check
    Use of the Biomat to help you relax and integrate in between sessions
  • check
    Fire pit ceremonies under the night sky (weather permitting) 
  • check
    3 Nights accommodation in a private bedroom with shared bath or loft with private bath
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    All meals and some snacks included - locally sourced organic produce and meat (gluten-free, vegetarian and vegan options available with advanced notice)

What is Not Included

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    Your travel / airfare to Burnsville, NC
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    Personal, medical, or travel insurance

Meet Your Host

Janet Raftis

Janet Raftis is a celebrated Psychic and Healer, certified in Pranic Healing, Matrix Energetics and as a Reiki Master. Janet has been playing with energy her entire life, and for the past 13 years, has been speaking to angels, Spirit, and guides. Janet is able to psychically see, hear, feel, sense and know what Spirit wishes to reveal to her clients. She is the creator of a type of healing that is led by intuition and personalized to each individual’s unique needs, gifts and desires.

Janet is an activator for others, helping them to access their healing and intuitive gifts in a way that feels safe and secure. She has a thriving private practice, teaches intuitive and spiritual development both online and in-person, leads spiritual circles, and hosts retreats around the world. Her work has been featured in Manifest Station and Elephant Journal.

What a life changing experience!

"The retreat was an incredibly loving and nurturing environment that allowed me to be very vulnerable. Accommodations were wonderful and they even customized food for my allergies!

I kind of hate it when people refer to others as "angels" because that is a big, big statement. After working with Janet, that word popped out of my mouth a few times when describing her to friends. During the workshop, I watched as her enormous wingspan emerged from her tee-tiny frame.

The way she handled all of us - both individually and as a group - was done with love and care. The way she guided our healing and understanding of that which did not serve us was divine. I usually leave events like this with a rating of about 7-8 stars out of 10. And if I may borrow from Spinal Tap, this was an 11."

- Emily

Claim Your Seat in the Circle!

Deepening Energy Exploration*

July 12th - 15th, 2018

* To qualify for the July retreat, you must have attended one of the following: Energy Explorers April 2018 or earlier retreat, Activate Your Superpowers Class, Activate Your Superpowers Program, or Activate Your Superpowers Workshop, or have a foundation in Intuitive Development. If you aren't sure if this retreat is right for you, click here to contact me.

Introduction to Energy Exploration

October 25th - 28th, 2018

Early bird pricing ends September 14th at 11:59pm EST.
Register today to save $150!

Refund Policy: $200 will be held non-refundable once your registration is received. If you are unable to make the retreat for any reason, the remainder of your balance will be refunded with one week’s notice. 100% of the amount may be refunded if you replace your spot.

Payment Plan: If you elect the 2-pay option, we will invoice you for your second payment. For the July retreat, your second payment will be due by June 28th. For the October retreat, your second payment will be due by October 5th.


Janet is tremendously gifted!

"Janet Raftis has such profound healing energy, just her presence alone is transformative. She held such powerful space for me during my REVEAL retreat – it felt effortless to hear the truth that wanted to flow through me. Janet is tremendously gifted."

- Meggan Watterson, author of Reveal (Hay House), How to Love Yourself (And Sometimes Other People), and The Sutras of Unspeakable Joy

Janet's name had been on my manifestation altar for almost a year before I finally joined the Energy Explorers Retreat!

Jenny Aiello

"When a friend of a friend shared an email Janet sent out about the retreat, I knew it was my turn to meet her, and do this work. Not knowing exactly what we would be covering, I was led to just say “Yes” to the invitation from the Universe and see what showed up. I’m so glad I did!

Janet created a sacred space for us to show up and be seen and to practice using our gifts. Her knowledge, wisdom and intuitive guidance runs deep. This retreat was a small taste of what she has to offer - I found myself hungry for more!

The shift I experienced at this retreat was life changing. My hope was to leave the retreat with a clear definition and understanding of what it is that I do and who I am and what my purpose is. I left with a clear picture of that, but also a better understanding of how very powerful my fear is and how rooted I am in the trauma associated with that fear. I know that until I release attachments rooted in fear, my gifts can’t shine very bright in the world!

The shift that occurred at the retreat was that very awareness followed by my willingness to do whatever work is necessary in order to heal. Since the retreat, Janet has moved me through that process rapidly! As we know, when those internal shifts happen, external miracles show up! And yes! Miracles are most certainly are showing up in my life everyday now! I am so excited and ready to get on with living my life and using my gifts to fulfill a calling I’ve been denying for too long.

And last, I know the work it takes to facilitate retreats, I know the energy it takes to hold space for what needs to show up. I know how the land itself plays an important role in the work we all do, and I have to say, Janet did a GREAT JOB! As did Fire Creek Mountain! The entire package was perfect!!"

- Jenny Aiello, Intuitive Life Coach

The whole experience was delicious - Janet is the real deal!

"I loved learning how to navigate my energy and how to listen to my body over my head. I also loved connecting with other like-minded people and about the tools and ideas they had.

The environment was beautiful and Janet created a very safe space for all of us to share, learn and explore.

The whole experience was delicious! Janet is the real deal. She shares from her wisdom and experience. I felt this allowed me to learn from mine as well. She is caring, loving, adorable and fun!

I loved Scott's contributions. The channeling was dynamite and out of sight! The message the spiritual entity that Scott channels shared was very powerful.

Since the retreat, I’m listening to my body and protecting my energy from others. That is very important to me right now. I am also leaning more into my intuition to learn from it.

Thank you, thank you, thank you for holding the space for us to learn and grow and for stepping out and sharing your gifts. I look forward to learning more with you! With love and deep gratitude for our friendship!" 

- Wendy Watkins, Author, Speaker, Coach at Mind Body & Business

I gained so much confidence!


"I signed up for the Energy Explorers Retreat because I was ready to learn more about connecting with my own and others' energy. I also wanted to learn more about connecting with my guides.

I immediately felt drawn to every aspect of the retreat - especially the land the retreat was held on! Janet and Scott complement each other so well. The channeling experience was awesome.

I gained so much confidence in my energy work since attending the retreat! Knowing what to look for, not to look too hard. Knowing It can be easy and to just allow energy to flow to me and through me. The experience was amazing!

- Monique