Weekly Remote Restorative Healing & Meditation

Join me for a group healing to help wind down from your week and to enter your next refreshed and revived! During this session, we clear and energize your entire energy system and tune into a focus for the week. This area of concentration is given to me by my spirit team the morning of the healing and is for the best and highest good of the group that is coming together to receive it. The intention is to leave you feeling relaxed and clear and to help you grow and expand as well.

I transmit the healing every Sunday and send out a recording through email (to the address provided through PayPal) to those who have registered by 8:00pm that evening. You can choose to actively receive the energies by listening to the recording in a relaxed state* or you can choose to passively accept them while you sleep. The recording is yours to keep so you may listen to it as often as you like as a healing meditation.

This service is set up as a membership. When you click the button below to register, you will make an initial payment of $20 and will then be charged $20 weekly. You will receive the healing each Sunday. You can cancel your membership at anytime by emailing us at rachel@janetraftis.com.

*These recordings carry active transmissions that can be quite powerful. Please do not listen to them while driving or engaging in any strenuous activity. Give yourself the gift of fully receiving them by relaxing and enjoying them.

“Just want to say how much I LOVE the group meditations/healing. They have become part of my Monday morning routine! So healing and rejuvenating for the week ahead!”

Leandra Ramm

“Janet’s Sunday sessions are a beautiful and easy way to keep myself in good working order – energetically balanced, clear, and nourished. The insights she offers in her recorded messages are literally jaw-dropping. Janet is one of the most in tune, on point, and genuinely loving healers I’ve ever met. I’ve been working with her for over a year, and she still surprises and amazes me on the regular! I’m so thankful for her loving guidance and energetic support!”

Tina Ammon

“These healing sessions on Sunday evenings have truly become a beautiful energetic release from the past week and I love the way I can begin the new week with fresh energy! These sessions have become so important for me. Thank you so much for all that you do!!”

Jen Lee

“This healing meditation was so beautiful!! I have officially listened it to daily since Sunday. Thank you for the beautiful healing!”

Johanna Liner