Turn Your Sensitivities Into Superpowers:

Tips to Help You Shift From Overwhelmed Empath to Empowered Intuitive

​Being sensitive can be hard. But it doesn't have to be. Watch my COMPLIMENTARY WEBINAR to learn how you can turn your sensitivities into superpowers.

We often pick up on the energy of everyone and everything and carry it around with us. We can become easily overwhelmed and triggered as we become more depleted and drained by taking on and carrying the emotions of those around us.

Maybe you’ve suspected that there is something special about the way you perceive and interact with the world (there is!)...

And perhaps you’ve wondered if there is a way that you can tap into it so that you can feel empowered and focused (yes!)…

But it may be that you haven’t learned how to manage your sensitivities or even fully understand them, and if that is the case, you are most likely experiencing fatigue, overwhelm, anxiety or burnout.

It doesn’t have to be this way: Your sensitivities are a gift!

And if you learn the right tools to help you access them safely, they can be a constant companion and a source of great wisdom, insight and guidance for you.

By the way, you’ve got an entire team just waiting to help you out. Once you start to tune into your inner wisdom, it’s easy to begin talking with your spiritual support team.


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Janet Raftis
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What You'll Discover in this Webinar:

  1. Why the tools you may be using still aren’t helping you. I’ll share why bubbles and grounding cords (and all the other stuff) is only a piece of the puzzle when it comes to self-care for intuitive and healing work and I’ll show you how to safely access a richer level of intuitive awareness.
  2. How to know the difference between fear and intuition (and how it’s connected to the first point above).
  3. The steps you can take to safely connect to higher guidance, your spiritual team and the Divine to access your clairvoyance, clairaudience and more!

Read how other people have turned their sensitivities into superpowers:

I learned how to be fully immersed in my intuitive power...

When I first began my intuitive development with Janet Raftis, she would perform remote healings for me and connect with my guides. She was an open channel through which my guides could communicate. Using the information provided by them, Janet helped me understand how to speak - and more importantly - listen to them myself. She gave me the confidence and support to open myself up fully to my gifts.

With her guidance, I learned how to be totally immersed in my intuitive power. I started with one-on-one sessions with Janet and moved on to group courses. Through these classes I discovered a beautiful tribe of people who had experienced occurrences like mine.

Having someone who encouraged my abilities and a safe place to discuss my gifts with people who are expecting the same is invaluable.

There was no explaining or fear of being misunderstood. It was nothing but support and love for each other’s accomplishments. Janet gave me confidence, pride and a community and I will be forever grateful.

~ Rebecca Weaver

Janet was an important key to unlock my future...

I was ready to do the work to claim my intuitive gifts and needed a guide. I was hesitant to put my trust in someone for something I held close for so long and that would require me to be in an open and most likely vulnerable place. On an initial informative call I asked Janet if she could love me through it — walk by my side and hold my hand while I went on this journey. And, she said yes.

She did that and so much more.

​Her healing and intuitive gifts, loving guidance and challenging coaching requests combined with her own experience of moving into authenticity have been life changing for me. I worked with Janet for 3 months and before the end of our time together I was already effectively pursuing my gifts. Wow.

She was sent to me as an important key to unlock a part of my future and I am forever grateful.

~ Lea Morgan ~ Psychic Medium