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Releasing the Bondage of Toxic Shame

Recently it’s been brought to my attention that my “openness” can be uncomfortable to others at times. It provoked an interesting reflection for me, since I spent most of my life buried in secrets. I remember even as a young child thinking that I needed to keep aspects of myself hidden away as sharing them […]

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8 When You Stay Stuck in a Story…

…you give your power away. Truth be told, most of us love a good story. An account well-told captivates us; it brings us together and allows us to feel solidarity and connection with others. In fact, a catchy story played over and over in our own heads can be just as mesmerizing. Typically the plot […]

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Embracing the Skeleton in the Closet

On the physical plane, the body is the home. Not only is it the residence within which we dwell, it is a physical reflection of our experience here. Every cell, every gene shares a message with us about our experience, our passions, our fears, our everything… We were wired to have emotional experiences ~ not […]

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