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June 2020 Forecast

June 2020 Forecast: alchemizing challenges into sacred opportunities

June 2020 ForecastAlchemizing Challenges into Sacred OpportunitiesVajrayogini, the Essence of All Buddhas and the supreme deity in the Tantric pantheon, is a spiritual badass who wants you to remember that you have the power within you to transform any darkness into light. Yes, things have been hard; shit has been going down. But you know […]

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May 2020 Forecast

May 2020 Forecast: Surrender into the Wild Woman You Are

May 2020 ForecastSurrender into the Wild Woman You AreMay feels like a month of ups and downs, celebrations and challenges. It all feels like it can be navigated with relative grace and ease, though the more you can lean into the energy and the emotions and the stuff, the easier and more graceful it will […]

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April 2020 Forecast

April 2020 Forecast: From Destruction, the Phoenix Rises

​April 2020 Forecast: From Destruction, the Phoenix RisesConsidering the times we are moving through right now, it is no surprise at all that the Sphinx has showed up for us this month! The energy of this goddess is all about moving through challenges.She is a goddess that was present in a variety of ancient traditions. […]

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February 2020 Forecast

February 2020 Forecast: Success is Right in front of You

​February 2020 Forecast: Success is Right in front of You​With fresh new year vibes, Nike, the Greek Goddess of Ambition continues the flow of energy that was created with our intentions for the new year. She comes through to ask us to look at what we’ve created, to honor it and celebrate it, for what […]

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