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Staying Empowered While Navigating Social Media

Staying Empowered While Navigating Social MediaHave you been feeling overwhelmed by the intensity of social media and the news? When there is a lot of highly charged energy being passed around social platforms, it can create anxiety where there used to be fun. This is an especially challenging situation for empaths, as we are not […]

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Trusting the Voice Within

Learning to trust myself was a major process, fraught with ups and downs and doubts and fear. I had never trusted myself and most of my life was spent trying to force myself to believe that everything was okay. When I couldn’t make a decision, I just stayed where I was: I was afraid I would make […]

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Superpowers Activate!

For most of my life, I knew I was sensitive. Throughout those years, I equated sensitivity with weakness, pain, overwhelm, anxiety and confusion. I hated being sensitive, and I did my best to mask it and push it down. I did whatever I could to NOT be sensitive. I wanted to be tough, thick-skinned, able […]

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