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January 2020 Forecast

January 2020 Forecast: Flow, Creation, and Celebration

January Forecast: Flow, Creation, and CelebrationNew year, new decade, so much potential! And the message that is coming through for us to release and lighten up so that we can share our voices in the world.For this reading, I asked:What do we need to leave behind? What are we leaning into in the New Year?And what […]

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2 December 2019 Forecast

December Forecast: Flow, Creation, and Celebration

December Forecast: Flow, Creation, and CelebrationMama Qocha, Danu, and Nike have stepped forth to share their wisdom and love with you this month, and the energy of them together is creating some dynamic action – if you let it.Allowance is the key here. ​ Mama Qocha, the Incan goddess of water, is a reminder of […]

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November 2019 Forecast Fortune is Shining Down on You

November Forecast: Fortune is Shining Down on you!

​November Forecast: Fortune is Shining Down on You!It’s not every day that you get a card pull like this for abundance, so when you do, it’s a great moment to enjoy the energy that is coming through and throw up a little cheer to the goddesses. After all, that is what prosperity is all about, […]

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October 2019 Energy Forecast

October Forecast: Release, Center, Attract Abundance

​October Forecast: Release, Center, Attract AbundanceOh this card pull and the energy coming up feels soooo good!If you missed my October 7th card reading + Divine Feminine Affirmation Activation with Our Lady of Guadalupe, you can watch and receive that HERE.This reading is divided into three sections or points of spiritual interest for us over […]

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September DF Card Pull

September Forecast Through the Heart of the Divine Feminine

​September Forecast: Through the Heart of the Divine Feminine​In the spirit of changing things up a bit in my practice, I’ll now be doing a monthly card pull, or forecast, to offer you insights into ways that the Divine Feminine is supporting you over the course of the month.If you missed my September 2nd card […]

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