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October 2019 Energy Forecast

October Forecast: Release, Center, Attract Abundance

​October Forecast: Release, Center, Attract AbundanceOh this card pull and the energy coming up feels soooo good!If you missed my October 7th card reading + Divine Feminine Affirmation Activation with Our Lady of Guadalupe, you can watch and receive that HERE.This reading is divided into three sections or points of spiritual interest for us over […]

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September DF Card Pull

September Forecast Through the Heart of the Divine Feminine

​September Forecast: Through the Heart of the Divine Feminine​In the spirit of changing things up a bit in my practice, I’ll now be doing a monthly card pull, or forecast, to offer you insights into ways that the Divine Feminine is supporting you over the course of the month.If you missed my September 2nd card […]

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How to know if your house haunted

How to Know if Your House Haunted

​How to Know if Your House HauntedIn October, “haunted houses” are a lot fun… But when it comes to day-to-day living in your home, having unwelcome energies or ghosts (aka earthbound spirits), can be pretty unsettling.When I first started to become aware of things like earthbound spirits and entities, I knew that there was paranormal […]

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