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6 Reasons Why It’s Awesome to Be an Empath


A lot is being written about how overwhelming it can be to be an empath, and there is truth to that ~ if you allow there to be.

But being an empath is a gift, truly ~ one that can help you to understand the world that you live in much more fully and that can help you to align with it in the way that feels best for you.

Here are just a few of the ways in which your trait of being an empath is a blessing for you. If you are an empath, you:

1. Are highly sensitive in nature.

This is an amazing gift once you learn how to take care of yourself! When you are feeling the emotions of other people, you have insight into their nature and their character. From this space, you get to choose how this person interacts with you in your life! If this is a stranger, you can disconnect from their energy or send it back to them or hold onto the information that you received if it serves you in some way.But, if you were wondering if someone is a good energetic match for you or if an opportunity is the right choice for you, you have access to an abundance of information that can lead you in the direction that feels best and right for you.

2. Can learn to avoid relationships with people who don’t hold your best and highest good at heart. 

In addition to feeling the emotions of others, as an empath you most likely receive an energetic impression of that person. Learning how to distinguish the emotions that you are feeling that belong to from what your intuitive impression is of them can help you to use these cues to make empowered decisions in your relationships.

3. Have a huge heart!It can be tempting for an empath to give so much of herself that she feels depleted, but if you learn to establish healthy boundaries (with yourself and others) then you have the opportunity to love in a way that lifts your own spirits, helps you to feel lovingly connected to others and the Divine, and provides you with the chance to contribute powerfully to the world.

4. Understand those you love in a truly intimate and compassionate way! 

Empaths don’t need to be alone. Sure we need time to recharge and enjoy self-care, but it’s not written into any script that we have to be overwhelmed in intimate relationships. Our empathy provides us with a powerful ability to understand how those we love feel and how they feel in relation to us. If we can separate their feelings from ours (this is entirely possible!), then we have the opportunity to go even deeper into our emotions and our authentic selves with one another. In turn, we get to experience profound growth and a deep breadth of understanding of human nature.

5. Can tune into the energy of a place before you visit to see if you even want to go there.

This is one of my favorite psychic tools! If you are unsure about whether you want to have coffee with the woman at work or go to the after-work party, tune into the energy of the place before you respond to the invite. Set the intention to access the energy of being there. How does it feel to you? Do you feel uplifted or tired? Is your chest/solar plexus open or constricted? Trust what you get here. And if you get a read that the energy will be challenging but you know that you have to go, set yourself up for success. Take a separate car, your favorite essential oil that helps to center and ground you, and give yourself time-outs from the gathering when needed by stepping outdoors for a few moments.

6. Have a powerful connection to nature! 

Empaths love, love, love the earth and all of its sweet little creatures. Animals and the outdoors recharges us like nothing else, so planning walks, hikes and outdoor time into your day gives you the opportunity to commune with Mother Earth and fill yourself back up again.

If you want to know more about how you can manage it and tap into your other intuitive gifts, I can help you! Email me HERE for more information or to set up a free chat to find out how. I’ve worked with empaths for the past dozen years helping them to understand their gifts and how to feel empowered with them.

Much love to you!

If Something Doesn’t Feel Right…

If something doesn’t feel right…

It probably isn’t.

And yet, so much of the time we don’t pay attention to our body’s signals…and then we end up wondering how we got where we are, why we did what, what we were thinking and why we don’t listen to ourselves.

We’ve been taught, socialized, pushed to use our heads ~ to think things through: How does it look on paper and what are the pros and cons of the situation? We are shown that facts and data and raw analysis will lead us down the right path…The one that our families, friends and society have determined is the best for us regardless of what we feel truly passionate about.

We are shown to discount our feelings and the ways that our bodies communicate with us…to push through the pain, to keep on going, to get things done regardless of the pains, illnesses or sense of dread that we may be experiencing. We are taught that it is desirable and necessary to override our physiology in favor of the mind.

I’m not about to discredit the use of the mind here. It truly is a beautiful thing! But it also has been conditioned and socialized and the voice of the ego is in there messing things up a lot of the time. And while one of the ego’s jobs is to protect us ~ and it’s probably done a great job at that! ~ it is its job to do it at all costs, even lying to us and asking us to overlook our sense feelings in order to get what it wants.

Ignoring my body’s signals led me to chronic pain and illness, addiction and depression. It has taken me years to unravel and I’m still exploring various aspects of it. It also led me to not trusting myself and the decisions that I was making.

A huge part of my growth was a) getting back into my body and b) learning to how to listen to and understand it.

In order to do this I had to access the core emotions and trauma that I had repressed. I did this by going within my body and opening up a dialogue with it. Once I accessed what I had repressed, I honored what was coming up and allowed the emotions that my body was holding to move through me. (My colleague Elicia Miller has developed an amazing and highly effective method for doing this ~ I highly recommend working with her. We also have a retreat coming up in October as well! See below for more details.)

Over time, I started to understand my body and its cues. I began to trust it (it as always trustworthy ~ it was me who had doubted it) and I cultivated my relationship with it. As this happened, my intuition opened even more and I began to live in a state of (mostly) flow. As I began to follow the lead of my embodied intuition, I made better choices, I became more faith-full and courageous, and my life opened up beautifully.

One of my clients noted to me the other day that she’d noticed the shift to saying “I feel” instead of “I think.” I too noticed this when it happened to me…And it was the herald of expansion and growth in a way that I could never have imagined.

Today, if something doesn’t feel right, I release it. And if it does, I embrace it. I’m keeping it simple and allowing my heart to guide me. 

I try to integrate my mind with my body so that they can balance and harmonize and so I’m aware of any potential pitfalls or dangers. My head still messes with me from time to time, but it also provides me with a lot of valuable information. When I feel my mind trying to wrestle control in a situation, I focus my attention within to understand what is really going on. And from that space, I’m able to find the right tools to get me back on track.

How can our retreat help?

The retreat that I’m facilitating along with Elicia Miller October 23-30 in the mountains of Costa Rica is a powerful and effective way to greatly jumpstart this process. We will create sacred space and guide you through processes to help you safely access and release your repressed emotions, connect to your inner child on a very deep level and learn how to re-parent her with compassion and love, and shift your energy in a way that helps you to access your gifts, embodied wisdom and intuition.

Our past participants have all been transformed by this work!

For more information, click HERE or CONTACT ME to set up a free chat. Continue reading

A Day in the Life of an Intuitive Family

Morning Talk

Scott and Janet settle into their usual chairs on the porch. It’s a beautiful Georgia morning after a heavy rain.


What was the name of that archangel we were talking to?

(He takes a sip of coffee and scratches his head.)


(Not missing a beat)



Oh yeah. He’s cool. I liked him; he turned my body into blocks.


Yeah, that was pretty awesome.

(The dog barks.)

I think Artemis wants to go out. Let’s take her for a walk after we finish our coffee.

Post Dog Walk


I forgot to ask. How’s your back feeling this morning?


Really good! That exercise AV: gave us totally helped. Do you want avocado with your breakfast?


Yes, please. It still kind of freaks me out that an extraterrestrial that I channel can be so loving and helpful. Will you pass me the honey, honey?



Why would that freak you out? I think AV: is sweet. I love him.

(Passes him the honey.)


I JUST started channeling him! Of course it freaks me out.

(His eyes get really big and Janet rolls hers.)


Honey, his message is awesome. Really it doesn’t matter who it comes from, does it?



Yeah, right. Tell my mom that.

Lunch Talk


I’m giving a channeled reading at 2:00. What does the rest of your day look like?


Kinda busy. I have another remote healing and an in-person session. I can do them both at the office though if you want.


What about your goddess circle?


That’s not until Thursday, honey. You know it’s on the full moon.

(She suddenly lights up.)

Oh! I just remembered!

I have a house clearing at 5:00! Do you want to help?


Yes! You know I love ghost busting! Have you tuned in yet?


Yep, and…


Don’t tell me! Don’t tell me! I want to see what I get once we’re there.


Ok, honey.

(Grinds Himalayan salt on the sautéed vegetables she’s preparing and smiles.)

The couple that ghost busts together stays together...

The couple that ghost busts together stays together…

Dinner Preparations

(The boys roll in from school as Janet and Scott try to decide whether to make kale salad or quinoa with organic, non-GMO corn as a side for their wild salmon.)


Colton, you look really tired.



I was up all night. Teddy was running up and down the hall.


Jake, did you hear him?


Truth, my dude. I heard him, but I was able to fall back to sleep.


Honey, maybe we should do a quick check-in to see what’s going on.

(Janet and Scott both get quiet, close their eyes and drop in to connect with their guides. The boys look at each other, roll their eyes and walk out.)

(15 seconds pass.)


What did you get?


Lauryn says not to worry and that it’s normal for an earthbound spirit to get rambunctious at times. You?


Dee laughed and said, “What do you expect? He’s only 6.”

I guess we knew what we were getting into when we told him that he could stay. I’ll have a talk with him tonight and let him know that he needs to keep it quiet while we’re sleeping.

Post Dinner

(After the salmon and kale salad are finished, the dishes have been loaded and the discussion on personal empowerment has concluded, the intuitive family prepares to retire for the night. Janet hangs back to have her talk with Teddy.)

A Few Minutes Later


How did it go with Teddy?


Great. He understands that he needs to be quiet after 10:00.

(They head to bed.)

Janet & Scott:

Good night, Colton.

Good night, Jake.


Good night, Teddy!

(They all hear the faint pitter-patter of footsteps down the hall as Teddy heads towards the living room.)

P.S. If you’re interested in having a channeled reading with Scott, click HERE and use promo code CHANNELTUW when you schedule to receive 25{0473702e39d25a70bfcd5e171102f64b71856ab436598b9f1db01fdb76bb4bf8} off your first reading. His readings are loving, insightful and accurate. I love working with the beings (AV: is one of them!) that he brings through!

How to Tune Into Your Inner Knowing

It can be difficult to trust ourselves. In any given moment there are a myriad of decisions to be made and people pulling us in different directions. Within this environment, we can easily become anxious or overwhelmed.

On an energetic level, once we shift into this state of confusion/lack of clarity, we have a tendency to move into our upper chakras. What this means is that our energy body begins to pull upwards. This leaves us feeling ungrounded and “out of body” even though physically our bodies continue to move us through life. The more we continue to operate from our upper energy body, though, the more disconnected we become. Our anxiety may become more acute, our sense of overwhelm can increase and we may even begin to experience physical symptoms of distress as our bodies call out for our attention.

At this point, it can become difficult to trust our decisions and/or know which direction feels right to us. When our mind is running the show, we are given lots of facts, figures, shoulds and coulds, but these may only add to our confusion. And when the body feels that something is off, it will send you signals in an attempt to grab your attention away from your mind. It wants you to reconnect with it; it wants to help you make a more fully informed decision.

The mind is a beautiful thing. If we aren’t careful, though, our mental activity can get off kilter. It’s very helpful to find a way to allow our mental body/energy to find balance and create harmony with the emotional/feeling body.

Here is a tool that I teach a lot of my clients and that has proven helpful to them as well as to myself. I’d love to give credit for it where credit is due, though I can’t fully do that in this case. This came through one of my client’s guides many moons ago. With gratitude to that spirit that shared this with us, I pass it along to you.

1)     Take a moment to get settled and quiet in a chair or lying down on your back with your stomach, solar plexus and heart centers open.

2)     Turn your attention to your breath. On your in-breath, feel your belly rise and expand. Let your breath begin in your stomach and then rise through your diaphragm and then lungs.

3)     Allow your out-breath to be at least as long as your in-breath and feel your tummy fall as you release and let go.

4)     Do about 10 rounds of this breathing.

5)     Next, turn your attention to your body. This type of breathing connects you back into your core and will help you to feel more embodied immediately. (This is great to do anytime you are feeling stressed or overwhelmed.)

6)     Start at your toes and move your way up, just noticing and feeling your body. If any judgments arise, gently release them and return to the breath and the scan.

7)     When you feel calm and centered, ask your body to show you what “yes” feels like. This may come as a sense of expansion, a smile, an opening of the heart or in another way that feels good to you. If it doesn’t come immediately, that is okay. Just breathe and stay centered. You may need to give it a few minutes or try again at a later time. For many of us, being fully embodied is a new experience and we may need to have space to explore it further before understanding it fully.

8)     After you have your affirmative response, ask your body to show you “no.” My body shows me this by constricting in the heart center. Some feel it in their belly or head. Any of the responses can shift and change as well, though the quality of them will tend to remain the same.

9)     You can also ask your body to show you a neutral response, as oftentimes that is the case as in a situation like this: “How would an apple for a snack be for me?” If you have no sensitivities to an apple, it may show up in a neutral, if-you-want-it sort of way.

10)  When you are finished, turn back into your breath and send thoughts of gratitude to your body for supporting you.

11)  If you use essential oils ( I recommend only high quality oils such as Young Living – follow recommendations), the following oils can be highly supportive in this process:

a.     Fennel helps the Self reconnect with the body and to pick up the subtle messages from it, allowing us to find our inner sense of integrity and align with it.

b.     Ginger assists in developing a deep and authentic sense of empowerment that creates an almost warrior like commitment to living in personal integrity.

c.      Patchouli supports us in becoming fully present in the physical body and to find new appreciation and a sense of empowerment from it.

This exercise can be used for just about any question from the one above to the really big ones. As we practice it, it will become almost automatic and you begin to feel more empowered and aligned in the decisions that we make. And remember: We can use that breathing method to help support and calm us at any time and any place. And it’s especially great before bed, along with a little Lavender oil!


Meditating on this mandala may also help you to connect to your inner alignment!

Source: www.Inneralignmentmandalas.com

Honoring the Truth Within

I’ve been going back and forth with a decision that I need to make and every time I feel like I’ve got it made, I find myself hopping back over to the other side of the fence. The decision has to do with one aspect of my career. It’s something that I’ve been doing for a while that I enjoy, but it tends to exhaust me and it can feel a little counterproductive at times.

In part, I have trouble letting go of things. I always have. When I build a relationship with someone or something, I tend to cling to it, fearful that if I release it I will lose a part of me or miss out on something. A lot of my growth and development over the last several years has been with respect to learning the art of letting go. I’ve made some improvements, but it still challenges me, even when I know that releasing the person, place or thing is past due.

As this is happening in my life, I (of course!) have a client that is going through something similar. In fact, I see this with a lot of my clients, many of whom are highly empathic. (My sense is that it is even harder for empaths to let go of things; it can feel almost like something is being torn away from us.) Because of this, some time ago, my team shared with me a very simple technique for discerning when something is in alignment with us or not. I’m going to share a simplified yet still effective version of this here with you:

Get quiet and follow your breathing. Take slow breaths in, allowing your belly to rise and then fall as you exhale. Feel yourself drop into your body. When you feel yourself in your body (versus in your head), you can establish a baseline. So I might say, “I am a girl” or “I love dark chocolate” for my feel-good/true statement, and “I am a boy” or “I love olives” (yuck) for my negative one. Choose a few for yourself and notice how each of those feels in your body. Everyone will sense the answer differently and your baseline may even change according to what’s going on with you.

Next, ask yourself the question that you are pondering and see how it feels to you. You may want to ask it both ways to get a full picture of the situation. If you’re curious about leaving a job for another, you might sense into staying at your current job. Notice how your body responds to this. Do you feel constricted or open? How is your heart, your gut? What’s your posture like? You may want to do a scan to get a comprehensive understanding. Then follow up with feeling yourself in the new job and repeat the same steps as above.

Try not to feel discouraged if it takes a time or two. Some people resonate immediately with this and others benefit from a few tries to get it. Most of us spend a lot of time outside of our bodies and so establishing this type of relationship may be initially challenging (though ultimately rewarding). Know that the body never lies! Our minds will tell us stories, but the body always reveals the truth.

Let me know how it works for you! And yes, I did get my answer: Let it go; it’s time to move on. I shall be doing just that.