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4 Five Tips for Calming a Busy Brain (Besides Meditating)

We all know the feeling of the overactive brain and when we hit that moment of anxiety or overwhelm, it can be hard to remember our tools. Here are a few of my favorites that are easy to implement and highly effective at resetting the energy of mental chaos.

1. Stop, Drop and Breathe:

This is actually as quick and simple as it sounds. When you are feeling anxious, overwhelmed, confused or ungrounded, this technique can provide a huge reset for you.

  • Stop what you are doing and sit down.
  • Feel your feet on the ground and settle into your physical frame. Notice your body without judgment; feel it and trust it as your structure and support.
  • Turn your attention to your belly and draw in a long breath. Allow your stomach to rise on the in-breath and fall on the out-breath. Repeat this about 5 times (or as much as feels good).
  • This is a great way to start a meditation if that is already in your practice, but it most definitely stands on its own as well.

2. Energy Dump & Refill:

A busy brain creates a lot of chaotic energy in your upper chakras, which in turn can manifest as anxiety and overwhelm. Grounding and cleansing is a great way to shift this imbalance.

If you have access to grass and a little time, go to it. (If you don’t, find some!) Lie on your back on the earth and settle into your body as in the tip above. Shift your breathing to your belly and take a long and full breath from it. Next, imagine that all of your cares, worries, fears and any energy that you are holding onto that doesn’t belong to you is flowing off of your body and into the earth to be transmuted.

You may find it useful to do a full body scan and to feel the energy flow out of each region of your body.

When you feel that you have released all that is heavy, frenetic and/or no longer serving you, set the intention to receive from the earth. In our busy world, we often forget to receive from others and it is vital that we refill as much if not more than we give. Feel the energy from Gaia flow up and into your body. Thank her and yourself for this opportunity to nourish and replenish.

If you have a grass allergy or find it uncomfortable to lie in it, this works standing or you could do the activity leaning against a tree. In both cases, release through your feet.


3. Take a Real Time Out:

The busier the schedule and the more activities you have stacked up in your day, the more you can benefit from stepping out of your active life and into something that requires you to be in a receptive state. This could be an energy healing session, a massage, a manicure or a facial. The point is that you are in a still position and receiving love and nourishment from another. You and your body deserve it!

4. Smell Your Way to Clarity & Calm*:

Lavender is my personal favorite essential oil and when my mind won’t slow down, it’s the first thing I turn to. It’s also great in conjunction with any of the activities above. It supports relaxation, so be careful with daytime use. If my mind is racing before sleep, I put a little of it on my pillow. I’ll fall asleep in no time!

Product shots fro new catalog at YL farm in Mona

Rosemary and Lemon promote clarity and focus and if I need to get some work done, I will diffuse these two together. This combination is uplifting and grounding at the same time. These combined with an energy shake off (see below) can create a great shift.

5. Shake it Off:

This advice from my childhood soccer coaches really works. Stomp your feet, shake your arms, move your torso and your head. Feel the excess energy releasing. Dancing is a great way to get the same result. Both activities release excess while bringing you back into your body.

If you’re really clearing some energetic muck, spray or burn some Sage afterwards to help transmute it.

If you have any tips that you use, I’d love to hear about them in the comments section. Thank you!

* I use and recommend Young Living oils for their purity and high quality. If you use another brand, be sure that it is chemical free and that the company takes pride in its product. Lavender oil found in the grocery stores is often made from Lavandin, which has a completely different composition and may not promote calming at all!



5 Tips for a Happy and Healthy Holiday

While it is true that the holidays are a time of giving, if we don’t give to ourselves first, we end up running from a space of depletion, which can quickly lead to overwhelm and resentment.

In order to feel truly generous and giving, it is necessary for us to feel full and that can be hard to pull off when there is a lot of frantic energy surrounding us and way too many things to do. Even the most well-planned of us can find ourselves scrambling to pick up things we forgot and last minute gifts.

The energy on the streets has been building since Thanksgiving and with so much going on, things are starting to get a little wonky out there (check out thisblog post from a friend on wounded child holidays – it’s all around us!).

We are sensitive beings. And we pick up on that stuff.

Even those of us who don’t celebrate Christmas have to deal with the dark side of this holiday.

So how can we keep our spirits high and have a truly happy holiday season?

1)  Nourish Yourself First!

This is a case of making sure to put our own gas masks on first. If we don’t fill ourselves up from the inside, we won’t have anything authentic to share with others.

We can take time each morning to either meditate or engage in some activity that allows us to: a) be alone, b) breathe, and c) tune into ourselves and our needs.

2)  During this quiet time, ask yourself how you can best honor yourself throughout the day. And then do it!

(It’s best if we can build some fun in too.)

3)  If family time is hard for you (and it can be even in the closest of families) and you find yourself feeling annoyed, anxious or overloaded:

Stop, drop and breathe. This can be done anywhere and it is a great reset for your energy body.

Allow your belly to rise on the in-breath and fall on the out. Match the length or the exhale to the inhale and breathe slowly. If you have a lot to let out, allow your out-breath to forcefully push the air out of your belly and lungs and envision the energetic muck leaving you. Follow it with some sort of supercharged Universal Life Force energy on your in-breath.

If you are still struggling, find a way to take a time-out that allows you to get grounded and have some alone time. This is also a great time to tune into what we are focusing on with regards to honoring ourselves.

4)  Carry lavender oil with you. Use it. A lot.

If I was stranded on a desert island and could only have one thing with me, it might be Young Living lavender oil. Breathe it in, place it on your wrists, rub it on your temples, place it on your pillow as you lay down to sleep.

It is mommy’s original little helper, going back perhaps thousands of years. And it can help you get through just about anything.

5)  Take care of your energy body

This is important any day of the year, but even more so during a time of rush and stress. For those of us who are empaths or highly sensitive, picking up and carrying around energy from others is a challenge.

Start your day imagining that a beautiful filter of pink light is surrounding you. Set the intention that only loving thoughts and energy can get through this light to you.

At the end of the day, take a moment to brush yourself off and envision any energy that doesn’t correspond to you flying off of you and then transmuting in the air. I often imagine it as little sparks that ignite and transform the energetic debris into high vibrating Divine matter. Add a little sage oil for extra cleansing.  (Click here for more tips on how to keep your energy humming.)

Have a wonderful holiday! And if you have any tools that you enjoy using, I’d love to hear them in the comments section below.

How to Tune Into Your Inner Knowing

It can be difficult to trust ourselves. In any given moment there are a myriad of decisions to be made and people pulling us in different directions. Within this environment, we can easily become anxious or overwhelmed.

On an energetic level, once we shift into this state of confusion/lack of clarity, we have a tendency to move into our upper chakras. What this means is that our energy body begins to pull upwards. This leaves us feeling ungrounded and “out of body” even though physically our bodies continue to move us through life. The more we continue to operate from our upper energy body, though, the more disconnected we become. Our anxiety may become more acute, our sense of overwhelm can increase and we may even begin to experience physical symptoms of distress as our bodies call out for our attention.

At this point, it can become difficult to trust our decisions and/or know which direction feels right to us. When our mind is running the show, we are given lots of facts, figures, shoulds and coulds, but these may only add to our confusion. And when the body feels that something is off, it will send you signals in an attempt to grab your attention away from your mind. It wants you to reconnect with it; it wants to help you make a more fully informed decision.

The mind is a beautiful thing. If we aren’t careful, though, our mental activity can get off kilter. It’s very helpful to find a way to allow our mental body/energy to find balance and create harmony with the emotional/feeling body.

Here is a tool that I teach a lot of my clients and that has proven helpful to them as well as to myself. I’d love to give credit for it where credit is due, though I can’t fully do that in this case. This came through one of my client’s guides many moons ago. With gratitude to that spirit that shared this with us, I pass it along to you.

1)     Take a moment to get settled and quiet in a chair or lying down on your back with your stomach, solar plexus and heart centers open.

2)     Turn your attention to your breath. On your in-breath, feel your belly rise and expand. Let your breath begin in your stomach and then rise through your diaphragm and then lungs.

3)     Allow your out-breath to be at least as long as your in-breath and feel your tummy fall as you release and let go.

4)     Do about 10 rounds of this breathing.

5)     Next, turn your attention to your body. This type of breathing connects you back into your core and will help you to feel more embodied immediately. (This is great to do anytime you are feeling stressed or overwhelmed.)

6)     Start at your toes and move your way up, just noticing and feeling your body. If any judgments arise, gently release them and return to the breath and the scan.

7)     When you feel calm and centered, ask your body to show you what “yes” feels like. This may come as a sense of expansion, a smile, an opening of the heart or in another way that feels good to you. If it doesn’t come immediately, that is okay. Just breathe and stay centered. You may need to give it a few minutes or try again at a later time. For many of us, being fully embodied is a new experience and we may need to have space to explore it further before understanding it fully.

8)     After you have your affirmative response, ask your body to show you “no.” My body shows me this by constricting in the heart center. Some feel it in their belly or head. Any of the responses can shift and change as well, though the quality of them will tend to remain the same.

9)     You can also ask your body to show you a neutral response, as oftentimes that is the case as in a situation like this: “How would an apple for a snack be for me?” If you have no sensitivities to an apple, it may show up in a neutral, if-you-want-it sort of way.

10)  When you are finished, turn back into your breath and send thoughts of gratitude to your body for supporting you.

11)  If you use essential oils ( I recommend only high quality oils such as Young Living – follow recommendations), the following oils can be highly supportive in this process:

a.     Fennel helps the Self reconnect with the body and to pick up the subtle messages from it, allowing us to find our inner sense of integrity and align with it.

b.     Ginger assists in developing a deep and authentic sense of empowerment that creates an almost warrior like commitment to living in personal integrity.

c.      Patchouli supports us in becoming fully present in the physical body and to find new appreciation and a sense of empowerment from it.

This exercise can be used for just about any question from the one above to the really big ones. As we practice it, it will become almost automatic and you begin to feel more empowered and aligned in the decisions that we make. And remember: We can use that breathing method to help support and calm us at any time and any place. And it’s especially great before bed, along with a little Lavender oil!


Meditating on this mandala may also help you to connect to your inner alignment!

Source: www.Inneralignmentmandalas.com

The Words Within

I’ve been struggling lately with a piece of my puzzle. Throughout my life, speaking my truth has been one of my most challenging lessons. It’s always felt scary and unsafe, and it was exacerbated after being raped. The fear of my voice not being respected, of it being stifled and repressed and ignored by another, has followed me into my forties.

I’ve spent the last 10 years working to release it. I’ve done energy work, journaled my little heart out, written scary vulnerable stuff and had hard conversations even when I didn’t want to do so. I’ve held myself accountable and allowed myself to do so in a way that has felt safe while still moving forward.

This practice helped me out of a marriage that had ceased to support me and my ex-husband, it led me into publishing my words and it allowed me to leave a line of work that was unfulfilling so that I could pursue my dream of facilitating healing and growth in others. It has been nothing short of marvelous and miraculous.

A few years ago, in the midst of a huge personal growth spurt, I became very close to someone, and I trusted her completely. She pulled me in, she made me feel safe and she helped me to heal and grow; she encouraged me to use my voice even more.

And I did. I shared in a way that I had been inspired to share, but when I did, my honesty wasn’t appreciated; she didn’t like what I had to say. She pushed me away, and she did so in a way that was hurtful and cruel, and it triggered all of my fears.

I hunkered down and healed even more. I shared with friends, I did pattern release work, I looked at unresolved traumas. I actually expanded even more and ultimately the experience has helped me to feel stronger than ever. I am expressing myself in the world in a way I never knew possible for me.

And then I was triggered this week. I’ve been growing closer with someone that means a lot to me and I’m noticing that I have been really fearful of speaking up, of potentially upsetting any waters. I have become quiet and subdued when it comes to things I feel might be risky as far as our relationship is concerned. I don’t want to lose this connection.

Things reached a critical mass the other night, and I needed to speak my truth, to really share on an intimate and deep level, and I panicked. I was asked to do what I always advise others to do, what I spent years learning and cultivating and practicing, and I froze. I felt all of the words catch in my throat, I felt myself struggling to please, just speak already, while at the same time not even being able to feel myself. I was a deer in headlights, completely trauma triggered. I could hear the voice outside of me, letting me know that it was safe to share, that I was supported, that everything would be okay and yet: I couldn’t even form a sentence.

At some point, thankfully, the tears started to roll out of my eyes and down my cheeks and I felt released. I was able to mumble a few things, to at least express my inability to understand what was happening, to start the process of unfolding. I slept and throughout the night, I integrated everything. I slept late and woke up feeling clear and able to adjust myself ever so slightly. I began the process of sharing in a new way. There are still words that need to be said, but they no longer feel trapped within me. They are rolling around, finding form, looking for a way to express themselves more fully. The thought of doing so feels slightly scary, but more good to me than not, and my relationship with this person has already shifted in a very positive way.

The process of healing and expanding never ends once started and the more we ask to grow, the more we are given the opportunity to do so. The truth is that I don’t want to be shut down, and I want to be able to trust myself enough to know that when I speak my truth, the other person’s reaction is completely up to them and that it actually has nothing to do with me. If I am rejected for sharing from a space of vulnerability and the other person doesn’t respect that (regardless of whether he or she agrees or not) is entirely on them. All I can do is trust myself, feel strong in my core, and remember that if the emotions and words within me don’t find form to express themselves in the world, I will ultimately suffer. I don’t want to feel closed down and shut off. That version of me is better left in the past.

I love using tools that can help me move through things. Not only does lavender oil smell great and help you to relax, but it’s wonderful for helping you to speak your truth!