Foundations of Psychic Development:

Interacting with the Field for Healing, Empowerment, and Your Intuition

We all have the gift of intuition, but unfortunately, it may have been dimmed or stunted as a result of the environments you grew up in.

Were you ever told you were too sensitive?

Or that you were just imagining things?

Maybe you were told to toughen up and just get through it.

It can be really challenging to have all of the feels and not know what to do with them. As a result, you may have felt yourself shutting them down or numbing them out.

But the thing is...
Those same feels have a wealth of information to share with you. They are your guidance system and they are just waiting for you to tap into them!

healing hands

In this workshop, Foundations of Psychic Development: Interacting with the Field for Healing, Empowerment, and Your Intuition, you will have the opportunity to deepen your intuitive practices so that you can begin to use your sensitivities in a way that feels empowering and that supports you in living a more aligned and better feeling life.

Nicole Casazza

The workshop was incredible! The energy in the room was wonderful and I felt very comforted in the presence of like-minded individuals.

I have had a strong draw to Janet since the first time I saw her online and this connection led me to pursue further work with her. There is something very special about her; maybe it’s the empathy, the non-judgment and clear messages. It has given me a lot of hope and I trust her with all my heart.

I have learned that the sensitivities that have plagued me my whole life are indeed gifts and I have developed deep self-compassion as a result. I understand that taking care of myself is not selfish - that it’s a gift to myself and those around me.”

Nicole Casazza

Over the course of our day together, you will learn how to:

Work with spirit guides (this will be an introduction to working with your guides)

Understand how to use your empathy in a way that empowers you

Learn tools and processes that support you in taking care of your energy field

Read and translate the field intuitively and psychically

Interact with, shift, and change your energy field

Access the energy of your environment to uplift and support you

Recognize and deal with energy vampires and other drains on your field

Tune into your inner wisdom so that you feel guided through life

This is for you if... 

  • You know you are sensitive but you don’t understand your intuition or how to work with it
  • You often feel overwhelmed or anxious around the energy of other people, places or situations
  • You feel confused about the messages or signs that you’re receiving
  • check
    You want to know how to make decisions that you can feel confident about
  • check
    You’re interested in pursuing more intuitive development work, like talking with guides and using your psychic gifts

My impressions from the beginning were that I was going to power up or level up. I know that I was going to leave a better person from this experience. Throughout the class I felt so connected and guided to this higher level of understanding. It was wonderful and more than I could have imagined.

Working with Janet was like working with a soul mother or guide. I felt immediately embraced and known when I met her for the first time. She has a great way of guiding her students to find their own truth.

I feel energy more now. I trust myself more. I believe I am walking the path I am meant to be on. I also know that I am going through a very major transformation. It has been a major energetic shift in my field. I have also identified my guides and started understanding what they have meant to me throughout this lifetime.

Thank you! You are an amazing gift to this world.”

Rebecca Slaven

Join me for this in-person transformational workshop!

Foundations of Psychic Development: Interacting with the Field for Healing, Empowerment, and Your Intuition

Saturday, June 9th, 2018
10am - 4pm with a one-hour lunch break 1pm - 2pm
Location: 814 Juniper St NE, Atlanta, GA 30308


I have had the life-enhancing privilege of knowing Janet Raftis for a couple of years. I have had a few individual sessions with her and done several of her Sunday Night Group Remote Healings. Most significantly, I took a 6-session course over a couple of months to enhance my intuitive abilities and this literally opened me up to a new dimension of experience, support, information and guidance that is informing and enriching my life and life-purpose.

Janet is a master and expert, in terms of practice and in terms of teaching and guiding others. As a person, what stands out most is her sweet heart and integrity; by that I mean her actions are aligned with her open heart: she is so supportive. She also has mastery in her field. She has a very detailed and extensive knowledge of the intuitive and psychic realms and it is obvious she has studied and experienced extensively and that she has great and accurate facility with her psychic senses and much, much more.

I have the utmost confidence in Janet and have referred various people to her, including both of my adult children. If you have had any intuitive and/or psychic experiences and want to explore these further, Janet is the best. If you are interested in personal growth, healing, and enhancing your life, she offers a range of services. I highly recommend her."

Doug Miller, PhD, Clinical Psychologist